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conpot - ICS/SCADA honeypot

  •    Python

The build of the documentations source can be found here. There you will also find the instructions on how to install conpot and the FAQ. Navigate to http://MY_IP_ADDRESS to confirm the setup.



Data Acquisition application to capture Power Meter data over Modbus RTU. Features include Realtime trending and data logging for Historic graphs.



This project is dedicated to develop an open source ModBus communication component for .NET platform. Visual Studio .NET 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 will be used as development tools and platform. VB.NET will be used as development language.

prickly-pete - A script using Docker to quickly bring up some honeypots exposing 16 services

  •    Shell

A script using Docker to quickly bring up some honeypots exposing 16 services. For research, reconnaissance and fun. While originally built to run on a laptop during the DEF CON hacker conference to see how many pings and pokes we could attract, it's a useful tool for research, and reconnaissance to test networks for infestations. I've completely rewritten this (July 2017) to use Docker and Docker-Compose to containerize all the honeypot services, greatly speeding up deployment time while reducing system requirements. prickly-pete uses Docker and Docker-Compose to bring up the following honeypots, automatically, with no configuration or extra steps necessary.

tahu - Eclipse Tahu addresses the existence of legacy SCADA/DCS/ICS protocols and infrastructures and provides a much-needed definition of how best to apply MQTT into these existing industrial operational environments

  •    Java

Eclipse Tahu provide client libraries and reference implementations in various languages and for various devices to show how the device/remote application must connect and disconnect from the MQTT server using the Sparkplug specification explained below. This includes device lifecycle messages such as the required birth and last will & testament messages that must be sent to ensure the device lifecycle state and data integrity. Sparkplug is a specification for MQTT enabled devices and applications to send and receive messages in a stateful way. While MQTT is stateful by nature it doesn't ensure that all data on a receiving MQTT application is current or valid. Sparkplug provides a mechanism for ensuring that remote device or application data is current and valid.

gopcua - [WIP] Simple OPC UA implementation in Go Programming Language

  •    Go

gopcua provides easy and painless handling of OPC UA Binary Protocol in pure Golang. See example directory for sample codes. Currently simple client, server implementation and sender, which lets user to manipulate any parts including connection setup sequence, are available.

opc - OPC DA client in Golang for monitoring and analyzing process data based on Windows COM.

  •    Go

Read process and automation data in Go from an OPC server for monitoring and data analysis purposes (OPC DA protocol). Application to expose OPC tags with a JSON REST API.

GoModbus - A Modbus client in Go

  •    Go

This is an expermintal TCP Modbus client written in Go for testing and protyping purposes. The code is in an alpha state, still needs some work and is provided as-is. Please keep my name in the files as the author if reused.

ModbusExaminer - A TCP Modbus client tool

  •    CSharp

Modbus examiner is a TCP Modbus client tool, built from the ground up with newer software technologies and modern user interface. The main purpose of the tool is to read and write data from and to TCP Modbus slave devices. The tool is capable of performing periodic data pulls to keep your readings up to date.

ModbusRestAPI - A service that exposes Modbus devices via a RESTful API

  •    CSharp

The service uses Nancy(http://nancyfx.org) for the web layer, and NModbus4 (https://github.com/NModbus4/NModbus4) for the Modbus layer. The service makes use of Nancy's self hosting capabilities so the API is self hosted. The code in theory should support Holding registers, Input registers, Coils, and Inputs. It should also support Modbus TCP, Serial RTU and serial ASCII. However, I don't have enough devices to test all these modes.

part5 - IEC 60870-5 — transmission protocols

  •    Go

The International Electrotechnical Commission standard 870 part 5 (IEC 870-5) is a set of transmission procedures intended for SCADA systems. Prefix 60 was added later as in IEC 60870. For serial communication please refer to 60870-5-101 and 60870-5-104 is the TCP-based evolution. The project consists of a high-level framework, including a low-level library, and tooling for network exploration and automated testing. Incomplete! About 95% of the work has been published; see issue #1.

ioBroker.mobile - jQuery Mobile based user interface

  •    Javascript

jQuery Mobile based user interface. To use mobile UI you need to create the logical structure in admin.

ioBroker.vis - Visualisation for ioBroker platform.

  •    Javascript

WEB visualisation for iobroker platform. Normally most of widgets have ObjectID attribute. And this attribute can be bound with some value of object ID. But there is another option how to bind any attribute of widget to some ObjectID.

ioBroker.vis-jqui-mfd - Widget set based on jQuery-UI and icons from OpenAutomationProject

  •    HTML

jqui-mfd widget sets for ioBroker.vis. Widgets are styled as Windows jQuery UI interface with icons from OpenAutomationProject.

ioBroker.vis-metro - ioBroker.vis metro widget set

  •    CSS

Metro widget sets for ioBroker.vis. Widgets are styled as Windows Metro interface. Build with http://metroui.org.ua/.

ioBroker.vis-template - Template for ioBroker.vis widget set.

  •    Javascript

This is template widget set to create your own. mynewname must be lower case and with no spaces.