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himawari.js - Download real-time images of Earth from the Himawari-8 satellite

  •    Javascript

Himawari 8 is a geostationary weather satellite deployed by the Japan Meteorological Agency. It takes photographs of Earth every 10 minutes. If you would like to generate videos, ffmpeg is also required.

Mobile Flares

  •    CSharp

A Windows Mobile application written in C# getting IridiumFlares predictions and saving them locally.

NEO Background


NeoBackground is a utility to periodically change your desktop background using satellite imagery from the Nasa Earth Observatory. It is written in c#.

Gpredict - Satellite Tracking Application

  •    C

Gpredict is a real time satellite tracking and orbit prediction program for the Linux desktop. It uses the SGP4/SDP4 propagation algorithms together with NORAD two-line element sets (TLE).

satellite-js - Modular set of functions for SGP4 and SDP4 propagation of TLEs.

  •    Javascript

A library to make satellite propagation via TLEs possible in the web. Provides the functions necessary for SGP4/SDP4 calculations, as callable javascript. Also provides functions for coordinate transforms. The internals of this library are nearly identical to Brandon Rhode's sgp4 python library. However, it is encapsulated in a standard JS library (self executing function), and exposes only the functionality needed to track satellites and propagate paths. The only changes I made to Brandon Rhode's code was to change the positional parameters of functions to key:value objects. This reduces the complexity of functions that require 50+ parameters, and doesn't require the parameters to be placed in the exact order.

GPS.js - A NMEA parser and GPS utility library

  •    Javascript

GPS.js is an extensible parser for NMEA sentences, given by any common GPS receiver. The output is tried to be as high-level as possible to make it more useful than simply splitting the information. The aim is, that you don't have to understand NMEA, just plug in your receiver and you're ready to go.The interface of GPS.js is as simple as the following few lines. You need to add an event-listener for the completion of the task and invoke the update method with a sentence you want to process. There are much more examples in the examples folder.

rio-mucho - Parallel processing wrapper for rasterio

  •    Python

An list of file paths to open and read.What file to write to.

supermercado - Supercharger for mercantile

  •    Python

Takes an input stream of GeoJSON and returns a stream of intersecting [x, y, z]s for a given zoom.Outputs a stream of [x, y, z]s representing the edge tiles of an input stream of [x, y, z]s. Edge tile = any tile that is either directly adjacent to a tile that does not exist, or diagonal to an empty tile.

cordova-plugin-advanced-geolocation - Highly configurable native Android interface to both GPS and NETWORK on-device location providers

  •    Java

Highly configurable native interface to GPS and NETWORK on-device location providers. It will return and identify any location data registered by the on-device providers including real-time satellite info. It also offers direct access to CellInfo, CellLocation and CellSignalStrength data.

LatLongToWRS - Python code to get a Landsat WRS-2 path and row from a latitude/longitude co-ordinate

  •    Python

This code finds the Landsat WRS-2 path/row which contains a given latitude/longitude co-ordinate. More details are available in the docstrings (try ConvertToWRS? or conv.get_wrs? in IPython) and in my original blog post.

Py6S - A Python interface to the 6S Radiative Transfer Model

  •    Python

Followed by an image containing a graph showing the result for each wavelength. To use Py6S you will also need to compile and install the 6S executable. Please follow the installation instructions in the documentation to find out how to do this on Windows, OS X or Linux.

PyProSAIL - Python interface to the ProSAIL leaf/canopy reflectance model

  •    Fortran

Python interface to the ProSAIL leaf/canopy reflectance model

himawari-8-chrome - Experience the latest image from the Himawari 8 satellite

  •    TypeScript

Experience the latest image taken by the geostationary Himawari 8 satellite every time you open a new tab in Chrome or Firefox. The himawari satellite has been deployed by the Japan Meteorological Agency and takes photographs of Earth every 10 minutes. Since the new tab page is a simple web page, you can also try it online. 🛰 Get the extension from the Chrome web store or the Firefox Add-on gallery.

tle.js - Satellite TLE tools: get lat/lon of satellites, get look angles, plot orbit lines

  •    Javascript

tle.js is designed to simplify satellite TLEs and SGP4 with a friendly interface. The origin of TLEs goes back to the punchcard days! A TLE, or two-line element set, is used by SGP4 propagators to determine spacecraft positioning information, taking into account gravity perturbations (the moon, etc).

PythonFromSpace - Python Examples for Remote Sensing

  •    Jupyter

This repository contains the slides and Jupyter notebooks for Kat's "Python from Space" talk at Pycon 2017 in Portland, Oregon. Earth imaging satellites, just like our computers, are shrinking and becoming more ubiquitous than ever before. It is now possible to obtain open satellite data on a daily if not weekly basis and for this data to be put to work; helping us better understand our planet and quickly respond to disaster situations.

spacetrack - Simple node.js library for the Space-Track.org REST API

  •    Javascript

Simple node.js library for the Space-Track.org REST API. You need login credentials for Space-Track. Available upon request and approval here.


  •    Javascript

Download map tiles covering an area from a URL template. There exist various web services that act as providers for map tile data. This could be vector tiles or maybe traditional raster image tiles. Usually they follow a predictable URL structure like http://foo-service.com/tiles/{zoom}/{x}/{y}.jpg. If you know this URL template, you can use tile-dl to download all tiles within an area from this service and store them locally.

colonel-mercator - Generate raster pixel resolutions that are snapped to mercator tile resolutions.

  •    Javascript

Generate raster pixel resolutions that are snapped to mercator tile resolutions.

rio-cogeo - CloudOptimized GeoTIFF creation plugin for rasterio

  •    Python

Default profiles are tiled with 512x512 blocksizes.