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sassy-starter - :tada: Sassy starter - HTML / SCSS (SMACSS)

  •    CSS

For theming: add separate file (theme.scss) insrc/scss/themes/, override the default $theme variable, and run gulp themes. Developed by @MinaMarkham. Please list all bugs and feature requests in the Github issue tracker.

css-style-guide - MercadoLibre CSS Style Guide

  •    Javascript

Mercado Libre CSS Style Guide. This document defines formatting rules and methods for writing stylesheets. It aims at helping you to author code that is readable, maintainable, reusable and scalable.

lint-sass-vue - Atom linter for Vue.js

  •    CoffeeScript

This linter plugin is a fork of AtomLinter/linter-sass-lint that provides an interface to sass-lint for Vue.js. A .sass-lint.yml config file is required for this linter. You can find an example of one here.

linter-sass-lint - A plugin for the Atom linter to interface with sass-lint - the all node scss/Sass linter

  •    Javascript

This linter plugin for Linter provides an interface to sass-lint. It will be used with files that have the “Sass” or “SCSS” syntax. sass-lint is a node only sass linter and isn't related to scss-lint.

gulp-scss-lint - Gulp plugin to lint scss files with `scss-lint`

  •    Javascript

Set maxBuffer for the child_process.exec process. If you get a maxBuffer exceeded error, set it with a higher number. maxBuffer specifies the largest amount of data allowed on stdout or stderr. If you use gulp-watch set endless to true.

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