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SSIS Data Flow Component for SAP

the Component can use SSIS Access SAP RFC. and no Code requirement.

SnwConnector - A dotnet connector through SAP NetWeaver RFC library

Wrap Sap NetWeaver RFC dll library to comunicate with the Sap RFC infrastructure.

nmap-erpscan - Nmap custom probes for better detecting SAP services

This article aims at showing how to improve the capability of the nmap network scanner to detect SAP services. This is by no mean a complete and 100% exact way of doing service detection as a lot of corner cases exist that are not covered in this text. If you want a more comprehensive way to do SAP services detection and even much more, the ERPScan Monitoring Suite is a good starting point with its port scanner feature. Our goal is to detect every network service exposed by SAP servers. Those servers are complex beasts with numerous components exposed to the network by default and each of these components potentially has vulnerabilities. So we want to send specific network probes to detect the presence of these services and then better assess if a service is vulnerable or not.

saprfc - call SAP ABAP Code from Golang (Remote Function Call)

The SAP NW RFC Library is a prerequsite for using the GO RFC connector and must be installed on a same system. It is available on platforms supported by GO, except OSX. A prerequisite to download SAP NW RFC Library is having a customer or partner account on SAP Service Marketplace . If you are SAP employee please check SAP OSS note 1037575 - Software download authorizations for SAP employees.

SAPExtractorDotNET - The data extractor for SAP Query , Table

This is connector for SAP system. You can extract data from Table or Query.