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SSIS Data Flow Component for SAP


the Component can use SSIS Access SAP RFC. and no Code requirement.

SnwConnector - A dotnet connector through SAP NetWeaver RFC library

  •    CSharp

Wrap Sap NetWeaver RFC dll library to comunicate with the Sap RFC infrastructure.

node-hdb - SAP HANA Database Client for Node

  •    Javascript

Only critical fixes will be provided in hdb. Please continue using the new hana-client (documentation). A JavaScript client for Node implementing the SAP HANA Database SQL Command Network Protocol.

nmap-erpscan - Nmap custom probes for better detecting SAP services

  •    Python

This article aims at showing how to improve the capability of the nmap network scanner to detect SAP services. This is by no mean a complete and 100% exact way of doing service detection as a lot of corner cases exist that are not covered in this text. If you want a more comprehensive way to do SAP services detection and even much more, the ERPScan Monitoring Suite is a good starting point with its port scanner feature. Our goal is to detect every network service exposed by SAP servers. Those servers are complex beasts with numerous components exposed to the network by default and each of these components potentially has vulnerabilities. So we want to send specific network probes to detect the presence of these services and then better assess if a service is vulnerable or not.

saprfc - call SAP ABAP Code from Golang (Remote Function Call)

  •    Go

The SAP NW RFC Library is a prerequsite for using the GO RFC connector and must be installed on a same system. It is available on platforms supported by GO, except OSX. A prerequisite to download SAP NW RFC Library is having a customer or partner account on SAP Service Marketplace . If you are SAP employee please check SAP OSS note 1037575 - Software download authorizations for SAP employees.

SAPExtractorDotNET - The data extractor for SAP Query , Table

  •    VB

This is connector for SAP system. You can extract data from Table or Query.

babel-plugin-ui5 - An UNOFFICIAL experimental Babel transformer plugin for SAP UI5

  •    Javascript

An UNOFFICIAL experimental Babel transformer plugin for SAP UI5. It allows you to develop SAP UI5 applications by using the latest ES6, including new syntax and objective oriented programming technology. Currently this version only supports Babel 6.

babel-plugin-ui5-example - An example of how to use babel-ui5-plugin with Babel 6.

  •    Javascript

An example of how to use babel-ui5-plugin with Babel 6. Open http://localhost:8080/ in your browser.

ui5-loader - An UNOFFICIAL experimental Webpack loader for SAP UI5

  •    Javascript

An UNOFFICIAL experimental Webpack loader for SAP UI5. Together with my Babel plugin(https://github.com/MagicCube/babel-plugin-ui5), you are abel to use Webpack + Babel to build your next generation UI5 applications. Please refer to babel-preset-ui5.

sapui5-cli - Simple CLI to scaffold SAPUI5 / OpenUI5 projects.

  •    Javascript

SAPUI5 / OpenUI5 Project template to quickly start a new project. This project is an application skeleton to quickly start an SAPUI5 / OpenUI5 app.

MCW - Microsoft Cloud Workshop Project


This is the top level repository for the Microsoft Cloud Workshop (MCW) project. Each workshop is maintained in its own repository. Issues and activity for each individal workshop should take place in those repos. This repository contains the Wiki, captures the overall process to create and maintain MCW content, and top level issues that are not specific to individual workshops. The master template for new workshops is located here. Each workshop is named MCW-workshop-topic-name and can be found in: https://github.com/Microsoft/MCW-workshop-topic-name.

MCW-Template-Cloud-Workshop - Official Microsoft Cloud Workshop Template


Trey Research Inc. looks at the old way of doing things in retail and introduces innovative experiences that delight customers and drive sales. Their latest initiative focuses on intelligent vending machines that support commerce, engagement analytics, and intelligent promotions. In this workshop, you will look at the process of migrating an on-premises data warehouse to Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Throughout the whiteboard design session and hands-on lab, you will look at the planning process for data warehouse migration, identifying schema and data incompatibilities, efficiently migrating data from on-premises databases to the cloud, data distribution in Azure SQL Data Warehouse, migrating ETL jobs to Azure Data Factory, and supporting ad-hoc workloads in an Azure SQL Data Warehouse through Azure Analysis Services.

iot-application-services-sdk-nodejs - A NodeJS package that acts as a thin wrapper over the API of SAP IoT Application Enablement

  •    Javascript

A Node.js package that acts as a thin wrapper over the API of SAP IoT Application Enablement (SAP IoT AE). The following guide helps you to create a simple node-application which accesses data stored in SAP IoT AE.

lumira-extension-viz - lumira

  •    Javascript

SAP Lumira is SAP’s self-service analytics and visualization tool. SAP Lumira can be downloaded as a personal edition for free from saplumira.com (or purchased for enterprise usage). It allows to import data (local, DB, BI and more), prepare and cleanse it, visualize and finally publish & share the data in form of ‘stories’ and ‘info graphics’. SAP delivers various visualizations out of the box (e.g., bar & bubble charts, cloud tags and many more).

node-rfc - SAP RFC Connector for NodeJS

  •    C++

The package is ported to N-API, a ABI stable C interface provided by Node.js. Only critical fixes will be provided for Nan based version.

sap.github.com - Web page content for the sap.github.com web site

  •    HTML

Source files for the SAP OSS web page sap.github.com / sap.github.io. Features include filtering, ordering, instant search, URL access/update, file size optimization and GitHub API usage for listed projects. Project data stored in JSON for easy modification. All the sources can be found in the "src" folder. Modify the files in there and run "grunt build" in the root folder to get all the dependencies and minified versions of your CSS/JS/JSON/HTML/Image files generated for you.

angular-metaui - Framework for building angular applications declaratively using rules

  •    TypeScript

Based on our Ariba's past effort and its framework called AribaWeb we are bringing over one of its core library called MetaUI into Angular world based fully on typescripts along with some necessary UI components to make declarative UI possible. The rest of the sections are focused on the MetaUI therefore it is recommended that you watch our online presentations that give you some ideas about Rule driven User Interface.

abap2xlsx - Generate your professional Excel spreadsheet from ABAP

  •    ABAP

For general information please refer to the blog series abap2xlsx - Generate your professional Excel spreadsheet from ABAP and the Wiki section. Please refer to the official wiki for the installation guide & F.A.Q.. Discussion Board is on SAP Community Network, please add the prefix [abap2xlsx] in the title and tag the discussion with abap2xlsx.