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create-poi-react-app - The create-react-app that uses Poi instead of react-scripts.

  •    Javascript

The create-react-app that you're familiar with but uses Poi instead of react-scripts.Yeah it's exactly the same as a create-react-app project but with an extra poi.config.js.

node-olhovivo - A node.js wrapper for the SPTrans Olho Vivo API.

  •    Javascript

A node.js wrapper for the SPTrans Olho Vivo API. OlhoVivoApi is a class wrapping the Olho Vivo real-time API. The token option is not required if the deferAuthentication option is set to true.

template-react-app - React template using at Dwarves for the next web app

  •    Javascript

React template for web app, powered by Poi. Install SAO first.

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