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xboot - The extensible bootloader for embedded system with application engine, write once, run everywhere

  •    C

如果您认为我做的这些对您来说是有价值的, 并鼓励我进行更多的开源及免费开发. 那您可以资助我, 就算是一杯咖啡...

Samsung Remote WP7/Silverlight


This is an unofficial app to allow you to control any modern Samsung TV's over WiFi with your Windows Phone. As long as your phone is on the same network as your TV, you can do anything a TV remote can do and more!

SmartThings - Samsung SmartThings SmartApps and Device Handlers

  •    Groovy

This repository contains device handlers and SmartApps for use with Samsung's SmartThings home automation platform. Note: Some SmartApps may support multiple instances, whereas others may only allow one instance.


  •    Javascript

You need to physically authenticate with the aircon during your first setup. Have a token? This time connect.

smart-tv.js - A Smart TV app development framework

  •    Javascript

A Smart TV app development framework. It's designed so that it adds a device abstraction layer.

samsung-remote - Module for integration of Samsung SmartTV with your NodeJS application

  •    Javascript

Module for integration of Samsung SmartTV with your NodeJS application. Tested with Samsung D6000 TV. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

cordova-plugin-toast - Cordova plugin that provides TV Specific functionalities.

  •    Javascript

Cordova plugin that provides TV Specific functionalities. This plugin defines a global toast object, which provides an API for TV specific functionalities that is based on Cordova project.

tv-remote-cli - CLI for remotely controlling your Smart TV

  •    Javascript

Currently only supports Samsung Smart TVs. See samsung-remote package for more information. For list of all commands run help command.


  •    Javascript

This allows you to control your 2016 Samsung TV with HomeKit and Siri. ##Important Notes The TV API does not work when the TV is powered down, but it will respond to a wake-on-lan command over ethernet. I did not test this over wifi, but I would not expect it to work.

homebridge-samsung-tizen - Homebridge plugin for Samsung TV's with Tizen OS

  •    Javascript

NOTE: This plugin works only with Samsung TV's that have Tizen Operating System. This is a plugin for homebridge. It allows you to control your Samsung TV with HomeKit and Siri.

samsung-trustzone-research - Reverse-engineering tools and exploits for Samsung's implementation of TrustZone

  •    Python

In this repository, you will find the tools that we have developed during our research to help us reverse engineer and also exploit Samsung's implementation of TrustZone, which is based on a Trusted OS called Kinibi. In the bindings/ folder, you will find Python bindings for the libMcClient.so library that is used to communicate with Trusted Applications and Secure Drivers. They were developed because we found it easier to write our exploits in Python, and they proved especially useful for the exercises given during our training sessions.

samtv - samtvcli -- Network CLI remote for Samsung TVs (models 2014-2015)

  •    Go

samtvcli is a network CLI remote for Samsung TVs from 2014-2015 (I think those are models H & J). You can use it to send keys with the command line or use its basic text user interface in a console.

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