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Goal: an app to collaboratively make beats on a Windows 8 tablet

ROMPlayer - AudioKit Sample Player (ROM Player) - EXS24, Sound Font, Wave Player

  •    Swift

Welcome to the official AudioKit example of a sample-based music instrument written in Swift. It can be modified to play EXS24, Wave, or Sound Fonts. This code is lightweight and demonstrates how you can make a beautiful sounding, pro-level instrument with small amount of code. If you're new to AudioKit, you can learn more and view getting started links: here.

webaudiofont - Use full GM set of musical instruments to play MIDI and single sounds or effects

  •    Javascript

WebAudioFont is a set of resources and associated technology that uses sample-based synthesis to play musical instruments in the browser. You can choose from thousands of instrument, see Catalog. Add a link to WebAudioFontPlayer.js and the instrument file. Invoke queueWaveTable.

soundfont-player - Quick soundfont loader and player for browser

  •    Javascript

A soundfont loader/player to play MIDI sounds using WebAudio API. It is a much simpler and lightweight replacement for MIDI.js soundfont loader (MIDI.js is much bigger, capable of play midi files, for example, but it weights an order of magnitude more).

R9MIDISequencer - MidiSequencer for iOS on swift

  •    Swift

MIDI Sequencer for iOS on swift. R9MIDISequencer now features a full MIDI Sequencer with EXS24 and SoundFont samplers which can be tied to your instruments for awesome, accurate playback.

soundbank - A collection of triggerable Web Audio API audio slots, supporting audio routing, midi input and value providers

  •    Javascript

A collection of triggerable Web Audio API audio slots, supporting audio routing, midi input and value providers. For helping create grid based (launchpad/monome) sound launchers.

reveal-sampler - A reveal.js plugin to fetch code samples from source files

  •    Javascript

The plugin will also add the language-xxx class to the <code> tag, where xxx is the extension of the source file, so that code highlighting triggers properly if set up. This usually works out of the box, because highlight.js can recognize the extensions associated to most languages. If you need to explicitly set the language to use (e.g. because the file extension is misleading), set the language-xxx class yourself on the <code> tag and the plugin will leave it alone.

SampleScanner - Convert hardware MIDI instruments into software instruments from the command line.

  •    Python

SampleScanner is a command-line tool to turn MIDI instruments (usually hardware) into virtual (software) instruments automatically. It's similar to Redmatica's now-discontinued AutoSampler software (now part of Apple's MainStage), but open-source and cross-platform. Requires a working python, pip, and ffmpeg to be installed on the system.

simple-sampler - A simple MPC type sampler using the WebAudio API

  •    Javascript

a simple demonstration of webaudio to build a mpc like sampler

SamplerDemo - Examples of using the AudioKit "AKSampler" on iOS and macOS

  •    Swift

This demo allows you to try out the new AKSampler instrument. Unlike the old "AKSampler", which was just a wrapper around the AUSampler Audio Unit built into macOS and iOS, the new one is built entirely from scratch. The demo samples are the same as the ones included in the AudioKit ROMPlayer code repo on GitHub. They have been compressed using WavPack, and a .sfz metadata file has been added, to specify key/velocity mapping and loop points.

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