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Gluu Server - Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform

  •    Java

Gluu's open source authentication & API access management software for securing Web & mobile applications using open standards like SAML & OpenID Connect. Its features include Single Sign-On, Access Management, OAuth, Multi-Factor Authentication, LDAP Directory Integration, User Management and lot more.

pysaml2 - Python implementation of SAML2

  •    Python

PySAML2 is a pure python implementation of SAML Version 2 Standard. It contains all necessary pieces for building a SAML2 service provider or an identity provider. The distribution contains examples of both. Originally written to work in a WSGI environment there are extensions that allow you to use it with other frameworks. To run tests in multiple python environments, you can use pyenv with tox.

passport-saml - SAML 2.0 authentication with Passport

  •    Javascript

This is a SAML 2.0 authentication provider for Passport, the Node.js authentication library.The code was originally based on Michael Bosworth's express-saml library.

play-pac4j - Security library for Play framework 2 in Java and Scala: OAuth, CAS, SAML, OpenID Connect, LDAP, JWT

  •    Java

The play-pac4j project is an easy and powerful security library for Play framework v2 web applications which supports authentication and authorization, but also logout and advanced features like CSRF protection. It can work with Deadbolt. It's based on Play 2.6 (and Scala 2.11 or Scala 2.12) and on the pac4j security engine v3. It's available under the Apache 2 license. The LogoutController logs out the user from the application.

caddy-auth-portal - Authentication Plugin for Caddy v2 implementing Form-Based, Basic, Local, LDAP, OpenID Connect, OAuth 2

  •    Go

Authentication Plugin for Caddy v2 implementing Form-Based, Basic, Local, LDAP, OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, SAML Authentication. The purpose of this plugin is providing authentication only. The plugin issue JWT tokens upon successful authentication. In turn, the authorization of the tokens is being handled by caddy-auth-jwt.



The ComponentSpace SAML components provide easy SAML enablement of ASP.NET applications. More details may be found at <a href="http://www.componentspace.com/saml">http://www.componentspace.com/saml</a>.

spring-boot-security-saml-sample - Sample SAML 2.0 Service Provider with Spring Boot.

  •    Java

Currently Spring Security SAML module doesn't provide a starter for Spring Boot. Moreover, its configuration is XML-based as of this writing. The aim of this project is to explain how to develop a Service Provider (SP) which uses Spring Boot and Spring Security SAML Extension, by defining an annotation-based configuration (Java Configuration). Thymeleaf is also used as template engine.

omniauth-saml - A generic SAML strategy for OmniAuth

  •    Ruby

We tag and release gems according to the Semantic Versioning principle. In addition to the guidelines of Semantic Versioning, we follow a further guideline that otherwise backwards-compatible dependency upgrades for security reasons should generally be cause for a MINOR version upgrade as opposed to a PATCH version upgrade. Backwards-incompatible dependency upgrades for security reasons should still result in a MAJOR version upgrade for this library. For IdP-initiated SSO, users should directly access the IdP SSO target URL. Set the href of your application's login link to the value of idp_sso_target_url. For SP-initiated SSO, link to /auth/saml.

saml2 - SimpleSAMLphp low-level SAML2 PHP library

  •    PHP

A PHP library for SAML2 related functionality. It is used by several products, most notably SimpleSAMLphp and OpenConext.

node-saml - SAML assertion creation for node

  •    Javascript

Create SAML assertions.Everything except the cert and key is optional.


  •    Javascript

This project was merged with keycloak-nodejs-connect and will no longer be maintained here or distributed.

hapi-auth-saml - Hapi.js scheme for SAML authentication

  •    Javascript

Create a examples/secrets.js (see code for what is required).

saml-protocol - A framework-agnostic SAML protocol implementation for service and identity providers

  •    Javascript

A framework-agnostic SAML protocol implementation intended to support both ends of SSO handshakes. Node 4+; Makes use of numerous ES6 features.

guardian - A lightweight authentication proxy for HTTP services

  •    CSS

Guardian is a lightweight authentication proxy for HTTP services. It allows authenticating existing web applications without needing to modify the underlying application to support authentication. It currently supports SAML and OAuth2, but can be easily extended to support many authentication protocols. We recommend using the chef cookbook contained in the cookbook sub-directory of the source repo to configure Guardian. This section (except the Quick Start) provides an overview of Guardian usage without chef.

sf-idp-sso-app - Salesforce as Identity Provider - Service Provider Test App (Test app to simulate SSO with SAML with Salesforce as Identity Provider)

  •    HTML

The following app can be deployed on Heroku to test SSO using SAML 2.0 with Salesforce as Identity Provider. From Setup > Domain Management > My Domain enable My Domain on your org.