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whonow - A "malicious" DNS server for executing DNS Rebinding attacks on the fly (public instance running on rebind

  •    Javascript

A malicious DNS server for executing DNS Rebinding attacks on the fly. whonow lets you specify DNS responses and rebind rules dynamically using domain requests themselves. What's great about dynamic DNS Rebinding rules is that you don't have to spin up your own malicious DNS server to start exploiting the browser's Same-origin policy. Instead, everyone can share the same public whonow server running on port 53 of rebind.network.

proxrox - Proxy services, combine origins, use SSI and more during development

  •    Javascript

Proxrox is a command line utility which starts a local Nginx instance to serve up static files, proxy one or many services under a single origin, use SSL locally and, generally, to get a development environment that is similar to a production environment. Proxrox achieves this using Nginx. When proxrox is asked to start a server, it will create an Nginx config file in a temporary location and start an Nginx instance using this config file. This means that proxrox can theoretically support all of Nginx's features.