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design-system - Salesforce Lightning Design System

  •    Javascript

Welcome to the Salesforce Lightning Design System brought to you by Salesforce UX. Having trouble getting these steps to work on your machine? Follow the troubleshooting guide below.

ng-lightning - Native Angular 2 components & directives for Lightning Design System

  •    Typescript

This library contains native Angular components and directives written from scratch in TypeScript using the Lightning Design System CSS framework.

design-system-starter-kit - Rapid prototyping environment using the Salesforce Lightning Design System

  •    HTML

Rapid prototyping environment using the Salesforce Lightning Design System, HTML, and Sass. From the prototyper to the large application developer… the Design System Starter Kit is a helpful tool to get started and run prototypes of all sizes in the browser.

design-system-react - Salesforce Lightning Design System in React

  •    Javascript

Welcome to the project! 👋 This library is the React implementation of the Salesforce Lightning Design System. This library has a peer dependency on @salesforce-ux/design-system, react, and react-dom. It is tested with React 16 and has a stable API despite its version number. Please polyfill this library in order to meet your target environment needs. Please view Create React App Setup for more information on using this library with Create React App.

react-lds - ⚡ React components for the Salesforce Lightning Design System

  •    Javascript

react-lds provides React components for the Salesforce Lightning Design System. react-lds exports components as modules. You can consume these via import in your own React components.

LightningFlowComponents - :zap: A collection of sample Lightning Components that can be used to enhance Salesforce Lightning Flow

  •    Javascript

Flow Action Components generally do not have a visual focus, although they have to run in Screen Flows to ensure the presence of a client-side javascript runtime. Flow Action Components are available in pilot status as of Spring '18.

Lightning-Out-Demo - How to use Lightning component in node

  •    Javascript

Complete source code to showcase using Lightning component in node.js (External websites) by using Lightning Out. It shows how to enable CORS and SSL in Node.js with Video and complete source code. Create Connected App in your Salesforce instance with callback URL - https://localhost:8081/ Copy consumer secret created in connected app and update clientId variable defined in OAuth.js file.

design-system-ui-kit - Lightning Design System UI Kit

  •    Javascript

A collection of Sketch Libraries including Lightning Design System components and design patterns. Download the most recent version of Sketch.