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nforce - nforce is a node

nforce is node.js a REST API wrapper for force.com, database.com, and salesforce.com. Require nforce in your app and create a client connection to a Salesforce Remote Access Application.

File Browser for SalesForce

Easily access your documents stored in SalesForce. This program provides an easy way to view, print and copy files stored in SalesForce.

SalesForce SSO .Net 4.0 / 3.51 and WCF

.Net 3.51 and 4.0 Projects that implement SSO for SalesForce in a .Net 3.51 IIS6/7 and .Net4.0 - IIS7 environments for Web and Outlook SSO Login. Utilizes WCF for communication and authentication. Also includes SSO for SpringCM

Apex For Visual Studio

Apex Language Parser for Visual Studio makes it possible to edit Apex classes inside of Visual Studio. Apex is a programming language used specifically with SalesForce.com. This was built using the Visual Studio 2008 SDK sample "ManagedMyC" and the Managed Babel library.

sfdc-trigger-framework - A minimal trigger framework for your Salesforce Apex Triggers

Triggers should (IMO) be logicless. Putting logic into your triggers creates un-testable, difficult-to-maintain code. It's widely accepted that a best-practice is to move trigger logic into a handler class. This trigger framework bundles a single TriggerHandler base class that you can inherit from in all of your trigger handlers. The base class includes context-specific methods that are automatically called when a trigger is executed.

salesforce - An up to date Clojure Salesforce.com REST API client

This is an up to date wrapper for the Salesforce.com REST API. I initially found working with the API to be a bit frustrating and hopefully this wrapper will make everything easy for you. We first need to set up some authentication information as a Clojure map. All the information can be found in your Salesforce account.

formulon - Salesforce Formula Parser implemented in ES2015

Formulon is a Parser for Salesforce Formulas completely written in ECMA Script 2015.

einstein-vision-node - Example image recognition web app using Einstein Vision Heroku Add-on

This Node.js sample app lets you upload an image to get predictions from Salesforce Einstein Vision general classifier using the Add-on. When deploying this app, a new Einstein Vision add-on will be created which includes an Einstein Vision account.

sfdx-waw-plugin - A plugin for the Salesforce CLI built by Wade Wegner and containing a lot of helpful commands

A plugin for the Salesforce CLI built by Wade Wegner and containing a lot of helpful commands. Install the SDFX CLI.

object-sync-for-salesforce - WordPress plugin that implements mapping and syncing between Salesforce objects and WordPress objects

This is a WordPress plugin that implements mapping and syncing between Salesforce objects and WordPress objects. It is based on the Drupal Salesforce Suite (version 7.x-3.x-dev), but strives to use WordPress conventions rather than Drupal's whenever possible. Below is summary information, but you can also access full documentation.

appc.salesforce - Arrow Salesforce Connector

This is an Arrow connector to Salesforce. Reference the connector in your model.

json2apex - Generate strongly typed apex code from a json structure.

This app allows a user to paste in an instance of a json document, and have it generate strongly typed apex code that can deserialize it. JSON2Apex is open source under the MIT license.

SoqlX - SoqlXplorer is an awesome tool for developers using the Salesforce.com platform.

SoqlX is a tool for developers using the Salesforce.com platform, it allows you to easily explore your schema, write and run SOQL queries, make edits to data, and to run Apex code.

zkSforce - Cocoa library for calling the Salesforce.com Web Services API

In general the client acts just like the Web Services API, however in a few places it has some smarts to make your life easier. Usage is really straight forward, create an instance of the ZKSforceClient class, call login, then call the other operations as needed, e.g.

dmc - The file-system-like, cross-platform, cli developer tool for Salesforce

dmc is a cross-platform, CLI developer tool for Salesforce.com. dmc aims to provide a CLI interface to salesforce.com development that abstracts the complexities of dealing with API's and metadata into a simple tool that makes everything feel like local and remote file system operations. Basically, the goal is to create a tool that is as intuitive to use as normal file system tools like cp and rsync. dmc was built to be used on the command line but it's modules are exposed in a way that make it able to be used as a regular node modules in your programs. This means it can be integrated into build tools like grunt and gulp, or even into more complex systems like CI.

nforce-metadata - An nforce plugin that facilitates working with the Salesforce metadata api

nforce-metadata allows you to make requests to the Salesforce Metadata API just as easily as you can make requests to the REST API using the nforce base module. The methods are all under the meta namespace in the connection object. Here is an example call.

premote - wrap javascript remote actions in a promise api

Javascript Remoting in Visualforce has an ugly api. Premote fixes this by letting you wrap your Remote Action calls in a promise based on Q. To use Premote, you need to be using Q.