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dset - A tiny (135B) utility for safely writing deep Object values~!

  •    Javascript

For accessing deep object properties, please see dlv. The Object to traverse & mutate with a value.

json-stringify-safe - Like JSON.stringify, but doesn't throw on circular references

  •    Javascript

Like JSON.stringify, but doesn't throw on circular references. Takes the same arguments as JSON.stringify.

protolude - A sensible starting Prelude template.

  •    Haskell

A sensible starting Prelude for building custom Preludes. To try out standalone prelude at the interactive shell, from the Protolude project directory run.

safe.js - Is your password safe?

  •    Javascript

Is your password safe?

simple-redis-safe-work-queue - Node.js Redis-based simple and safe work queue

  •    Javascript

A work queue for Node.js producers and consumers that uses Redis.

steno - Simple file writer with atomic writing and race condition prevention

  •    Javascript

Simple file writer with atomic writing and race condition prevention.Can be used as a drop-in replacement to fs.writeFile().

fast-safe-stringify - Safely and quickly serialize JavaScript objects

  •    Javascript

Safe and fast serialization alternative to JSON.stringify.Gracefully handles circular structures instead of throwing.

Downsize - Tag safe text truncation for HTML and XML!

  •    Javascript

Downsize is designed to handle bad markup, and should count words and characters accurately in spite of it. But it won't hold your hand.It does close outstanding open tags for you, but leaves erroneous close-tags for which the opening tag couldn't be found or was erroneously nested.

safe-buffer - Safer Node.js Buffer API

  •    Javascript

Use the new Node.js Buffer APIs (Buffer.from, Buffer.alloc, Buffer.allocUnsafe, Buffer.allocUnsafeSlow) in all versions of Node.js.Uses the built-in implementation when available.

filenamify - Convert a string to a valid safe filename

  •    Javascript

On Unix-like systems / is reserved and <>:"/\|?* on Windows.Accepts a filename and returns a valid filename.

safe-regex - detect possibly catastrophic, exponential-time regular expressions

  •    Javascript

WARNING: This module merely seems to work given all the catastrophic regular expressions I could find scouring the internet, but I don't have enough of a background in automata to be absolutely sure that this module will catch all exponential-time cases.Return a boolean ok whether or not the regex re is safe and not possibly catastrophic.

shoe-bin - binary-safe streaming sockjs for node and the browser

  •    Javascript

This package is like shoe, but it encodes and decodes data as base64 to be binary safe.The API is exactly the same as shoe.

rust-brotli - Brotli decompressor written in rust that optionally avoids the stdlib

  •    Rust

no dependency on the Rust stdlib: this library would be ideal for decompressing within a rust kernel among other things.This is useful to see how C and Rust compare in an apples-to-apples comparison where the same algorithms and data structures and optimizations are employed.

react-safe-html - safely use untrusted html in your react app — very customizable

  •    Javascript

react-safe-html allows you to render user provided html (e.g. from ckeditor) safely. You choose how each element renders and which attributes get passed through. It has defaults for basic elements and attributes but is fully customizable. It uses a fast but flexible parser (htmlparser2) and implements shouldComponentUpdate for performance.

redefine - lightweight utility for smart object properties definition

  •    Javascript

a lightweight yet powerful ES5 utility. The most updated, future proof, actively maintained, and widely compatible way to define classes is es-class.