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  •    Javascript

The Bitwarden browser extension is written using the Chrome Web Extension API and AngularJS. By default the extension is targeting the production API. If you are running the Core API locally, you'll need to switch the extension to target your local instance. Open src/services/api.service.ts and set this.baseUrl and this.identityBaseUrl to your local API instance (ex. http://localhost:5000).

Ka-Block - A Safari extension that blocks an artisanal selection of advertising domains.

  •    Swift

A Safari browser extension that blocks an artisanal selection of advertising domains. The most popular ad blocking extensions take a no holds barred, nuke them from orbit approach. The goal is not only to never see an ad on a web page, but to never see the sad, empty space left behind by the ad that used to be.

PiPTool - Add the Picture-in-Picture Functionality to YouTube, Netflix, Plex and other video broadcasting services in macOS Sierra

  •    Javascript

PiPTool is a Safari 10 extension built to add the Picture-in-Picture functionality to the video players that do not have it implemented. For example, YouTube or DailyMotion don't have the default HTML5 video player, so Safari cannot add the PiP button. This is where PiP Tool comes in place.

Vimmy.safariextension - A small set of Vim behaviours for Safari

  •    Javascript

The best way to get the latest version is to download the release file from GitHub. The extension is available on the Safari Extensions Gallery but they haven't been responding to my requests for an update, so the version there is stale. It's also possible to add a global hard-coded website blacklist. If you have thoughts or suggestions for this, please check out the Github repo.


  •    Javascript

This Safari extension simply watches your tweet stream and replaces all t.co links with their original, expanded URLs. Yep, that's about it. This will probably never make its way onto the Safari extensions gallery, but you can download a prepackaged version right here.

AnySearch-safari-extension - Safari extension to use a custom search engine in the Safari address bar, or disable searches completely

  •    Javascript

Use a custom search engine in the Safari address bar, or disable searches completely. As of Safari 6, the separate address bar and Google Search field have been combined into a single "Smart Search Field" that can take both web addresses and searches. In the Safari Preferences, you can set one of four different search engines: Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and DuckDuckGo.

KeySearch - A keyword search extension for Safari

  •    Javascript

A keyword search extension for Safari. KeySearch adds a new way of searching the Internet to Safari. It uses short keywords to allow you to search any site you want, right from the toolbar.

deanimator - Safari extension to disable animated GIFs.

  •    Javascript

Safari extension to stop/disable animated GIFs.

OpenTweetFilter - A browser extension/add-on to filter tweets

  •    Javascript

The open source browser extension to filter tweets. Feel free to experiment with the effect of all these settings. The tweets are not deleted but just hidden, so you can get them back any time by disabling the filter or changing the criteria.

generator-safari-extension - Yeoman generator for Safari Extensions

  •    Javascript

Skips the automatic execution of bower and npm after scaffolding has finished. Defaults to mocha. Can be switched for another supported testing framework like jasmine.

Boundary - Boundary is a CSS+Javascript library for Chrome extension developers to easily create HTML elements that won’t affect or be affected by the current webpage’s CSS

  •    CSS

Boundary is a CSS+Javascript library for Chrome extension developers to easily create HTML elements that won’t affect or be affected by the current webpage’s CSS. Strongly recommended if you are considering adding a sticker, a sidebar or any overlay box using content script. Take a look at Sample manifest.json.

joof - ๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ’จ Add custom JavaScript or CSS to any webpage

  •    Javascript

joof allows you to add custom JavaScript or CSS to any webpage. It does so by injecting .js and .css files in ~/.joof with a browser extension and a tiny webserver running in the background.

Remove-Google-Redirection - Remove redirection and click-tracking in Google search results.

  •    Javascript

Prohibit click-tracking, and prevent url redirection when clicks on the result links in Google search page.

drumpf - Make News Real Again. Safari Extension.

  •    Javascript

This extension was originally created to Make Donald Drumpf Again, but that's not funny anymore because it's real and everything is completely fucked up and terrifying. Now, this extension will Make News Real Again by describing Trump accurately in the news.

AdGuardForSafari - AdGuard for Safari app extension

  •    Javascript

Free and open source, highly customizable and lightning fast ad blocking extension. Ad blocking extensions for Safari are having hard time since Apple started to force everyone to use the new SDK. AdGuard extension is supposed to bring back the high quality ad blocking back to Safari.

bookmarkextension - Cross Browser Extension to easily store/sync bookmark links with Bookmark desktop application

  •    Javascript

A cross browser extension to make bookmarking easy and easily sync with Bookmark desktop application. Run npm run dist to create a zipped, production-ready extension for each browser. You can then upload that to the appstore.

tickety-tick - A browser extension that helps you name branches and write better commit messages

  •    Javascript

A browser extension to generate these for you, based on the ticket you're working on. At bitcrowd we love conventions. One of them is how we name branches and commits. This makes it easy to relate a particular branch or commit to a certain ticket.