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multi-tenant - Run multiple websites using the same Laravel installation while keeping tenant specific data separated for fully independent multi-domain setups

  •    PHP

The unobtrusive Laravel package that makes your app multi tenant. Serving multiple websites, each with one or more hostnames from the same codebase. But with clear separation of assets, database and the ability to override logic per tenant. Suitable for marketing companies that like to re-use functionality for different clients or start-ups building the next software as a service.

stack-on-a-budget - A collection of services with great free tiers for developers on a budget


This repository offers a collection of services with great free tiers for developers on a budget. Because not everyone has 20$ per month to spend on app or database hosting for every single side-project. Nowadays, a lot of services are offering really good free tier more than enough for testing small apps and even put them in production. They are just waiting to be used by you.

rainbond - Serverless PaaS , A new generation of easy-to-use cloud management platforms based on kubernetes

  •    Go

Rainbond is an application-centric Platform as a Service, with innovative concept and complete ecological comes from continuous verification and optimization. By integrating best practices of Kubernetes based containers management, Service Mesh microservice architecture, CI/CD and multiple data center resource management, Rainbond provides full life-cycle management of cloud native applications, connects application and infrastructure, application and application, infrastructure and infrastructure.

pinax-stripe - a payments Django app for Stripe

  •    Python

This app was formerly called django-stripe-payments and has been renamed to avoid namespace collisions and to have more consistency with Pinax. Pinax is an open-source platform built on the Django Web Framework. It is an ecosystem of reusable Django apps and starter project templates. This collection can be found at http://pinaxproject.com.

saas - Build your own SaaS product with SaaS boilerplate app

  •    TypeScript

Open source web app that saves you weeks of work when building your own SaaS product. To run locally, you will need to run two apps: api and app.

tenancy - Run multiple websites using the same Laravel installation while keeping tenant specific data separated for fully independent multi-domain setups

  •    PHP

This is the successor of hyn/multi-tenant. It is still in development. Feel free to show support by starring the project following progress via twitter and backing its development over at OpenCollective.

IndexTankDotNet - the IndexTank Client Library for .NET


IndexTank is a cloud-based, real-time indexing SaaS (software as a service) that lets you quickly and easily add custom, full-featured search functionality to any web site or application. IndexTankDotNet provides convenient programmatic access to any IndexTank-compatible A...

Ticktoo - A Simple Windows Azure Event Ticketing System

  •    CSharp

Ticktoo is a simple ticketing system that leverages the power of cloud computing to deliver a highly scalable SaaS solution to music concerts, workshops, private parties or any other events organizers. Ticktoo is developed in C# using ASP.NET MVC2, SQL Azure and Windows Azu...

Litware HR - A Multitenant sample application


Litware HR is a fictitious HR application providing recruitment management software delivered as a service (SaaS). The main objective of this application is to provide architecture and developer guidance in building SaaS applications. By participating in this project or lookin...


  •    DotNet

Build a SAAS application using MaxBlox as the building platform. Create your own custom tables and reports with interface to DB, security built-in to MaxBlox.

Facebook Data Store Client API


Facebook has a beta distributed Data Store accessible through REST web services. There is already a provisional PHP client API in existence, but there is no C# API - until now! Requires the source to the Facebook Toolkit from Claritycon: http://www.codeplex.com/FacebookToolki...

awesome-open-source-supporters - ⭐️ A curated list of companies that offer their services for free to Open Source projects


A curated list of awesome companies that offer their tools and services for free to Open Source and public projects. Note: While there are many companies that have great free tiers (Slack, for example), this list focuses specifically on organizations that have made an overt commitment to the Open Source community.

developer-free-saas - :spider_web: A curated list Of Free Web-based Tools For Developers

  •    Shell

Only accept free and web-based tools. (No commercial or paid SaaS services). Welcome PRs or Tickets.

earnshark-sdk-js - JavaScript SDK to call https://app.earnshark.com API

  •    Javascript

This is a JavaScript SDK to call https://app.earnshark.com API. Contains methods to call the EarnShark API making the application integration fast. Then you will be able to access the EarnShark API through your code.

roombelt - 🏢 Open source and free meeting room display system - for Cloud and On-Premises

  •    Javascript

Roombelt is a free and open source meeting room manager focused on simplicity. Works both in Cloud and On-Premises. Sign-on to cloud version at app.roombelt.com. For instruction on installing Roombelt On-Premises visit documentation.

istar - istar is a software-as-a-service platform for bioinformatics and chemoinformatics.

  •    Javascript

istar is a software-as-a-service platform for bioinformatics and chemoinformatics.

winston-aws-cloudwatch - A Winston transport for Amazon CloudWatch.

  •    Javascript

A Winston transport for Amazon CloudWatch. If, for any reason, logging to CloudWatch should fail, then the transport will emit an error event. It is recommended that you subscribe to this event to avoid crashes.