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mark - A simple and unified notation for both object data, like JSON, and markup data, like HTML and XML

  •    Javascript

Objective Markup Notation, abbreviated as Mark Notation or just Mark, is a new unified notation for both object and markup data. The notation is a superset of what can be represented by JSON, HTML and XML, but overcomes many limitations these popular data formats, yet still having a very clean syntax and simple data model. The major syntax extension Mark makes to JSON is the introduction of a Mark object. It is a JSON object extended with a type name and a list of content items, similar to element in HTML and XML.

eslisp - un-opinionated S-expression syntax and macro system for JavaScript

  •    LiveScript

An S-expression syntax for ECMAScript/JavaScript, with Lisp-like hygienic macros. Minimal core, maximally customisable. This is not magic: It's just an S-expression encoding of the estree AST format. The macros are ordinary JS functions that return objects, which just exist at compile-time. This means macros can be put on npm to distribute your own language features, like this.

seview - S-Expression View

  •    Javascript

A simple way of writing views with s-expressions, and meant to be used with a virtual DOM library. Because plain JavaScript is simpler to write and build than JSX, and it's great to write views in a way that is independent of the virtual DOM library being used. It's also nice to use convenient features even if the underlying virtual DOM library does not support them.

sexp-grammar - Invertible grammar for S-expressions

  •    Haskell

Library of invertible parsing combinators for S-expressions. The combinators define primitive grammars and ways to compose them. A grammar constructed with these combinators can be run in two directions: parsing from S-expressions direction (forward) and serialising to S-expressions direction (backward). The approach used in sexp-grammar is inspired by the paper Invertible syntax descriptions: Unifying parsing and pretty printing and a similar implementation of invertible grammar approach for JSON, library by Martijn van Steenbergen called JsonGrammar2.

sexpr - An encoding, decoding & utility library for S-expressions in Rust

  •    Rust

sexpr strives to be the canonical library for reading, manipulating and writing S-expressions in Rust. The parser is fully featured, performant and can be configured to read almost any s-expression variant including ”Standard”, ”Advanced” and ”Canonical” formats.

lala-lang - An expression based data notation, aimed at transpiling itself to any cascaded data notation

  •    Rust

An expression oriented data notation, aimed at transpiling itself to any cascaded data notation. Lala is separated into three components: Nana, Lala, and Dada.

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