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android-mvp-architecture - This repository contains a detailed sample app that implements MVP architecture using Dagger2, GreenDao, RxJava2, FastAndroidNetworking and PlaceholderView

  •    Java

This is a boilerplate project aimed to help bootstrap new Android MVP Applications. Feel free to fork this application or use AndroidStarters to create new app using this boilerplate. All pull requests are welcome, make sure to follow the contribution guidelines when you submit pull request.

CleanArchitectureManifest - Description of the main principles and rules for building an Android application using Clean Architecture approach

  •    Java

Here you will find description of the main principles and rules, that are worth following in developing Android apps using Clean Architecture approach. If you want to translate this document to your language, please visit this page.

grox - Grox helps to maintain the state of Java / Android apps.

  •    Java

Grox helps to maintain the state of Java / Android apps. We have a nice video to explain how the Grox sample app works.

RxAndroid-Examples - Learn RxJava by example

  •    Java

This repository contains example of using RxJava with Android to solve real-world problems. More exapmples will be adding day by day and you are also welcome to contribute. .combinelatest allows you to motinor the state of multiple observables at a single place. This example demonstrats the use of combinelatest to validate a basic form. In this example there are 3 input fileds for the form. The form will be valid if all those 3 fields are valid. If any input field is invalid, an error message will be shown against invalid input. We have 3 imdependent observables that observes the input changes. After an ecent is emited from all 3 inputs, the result is combined and the form is evaluted for validity.

myonnaise - 🍯 A RxJava library to access Raw EMG data from your Myo 📈 (plus an Android companion App 📱)

  •    Kotlin

An Android library to interact with your Thalmic Myo, written in Kotlin and using RxJava2. DISCLAIMER: If you don't know what a Myo is, please go here: support.getmyo.com. Please note that you need a Myo in order to use this library/app.

marvel - Marvel Characters Android Application Assigned by smava GmbH

  •    Java

This repository holds the source code of the Marvel Application, a simple Android client for the Marvel.com. This application was created by Mohsen Mirhoseini, as part of the technical assessment by the smava GmbH team. It also has been used as a sample project for a series of technical articles and tutorials. The application includes two Activities, Main and Character Activities. The Main Activity is consist of two Fragments, Search and Cache Fragments, which are responsible for searching new Marvel characters and presenting recently searched characters.

LocGetter - Simple library for reactive getting user locations

  •    Kotlin

Simple multithread-friendly library for getting latest user locations using RxJava 2. Start getting locations using one of methods for e.g.

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