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pre-commit - Automatically installs a git pre-commit script in your git repository which runs your `npm test` on pre-commit

  •    Javascript

pre-commit is a pre-commit hook installer for git. It will ensure that your npm test (or other specified scripts) passes before you can commit your changes. This all conveniently configured in your package.json. But don't worry, you can still force a commit by telling git to skip the pre-commit hooks by simply committing using --no-verify.

ran - :zap: RAN! React

  •    Javascript

:zap: RAN! React . GraphQL . Next.js Toolkit :zap: - SEO-Ready, Production-Ready, SSR, Hot-Reload, CSS-in-JS, Caching, CLI commands and more...

hydrogen - :atom: Run code interactively, inspect data, and plot

  •    Javascript

Hydrogen is an interactive coding environment that supports Python, R, JavaScript and other Jupyter kernels. Checkout our Documentation and Medium blog post to see what you can do with Hydrogen.

lambdaws - Deploy, run and get results from Amazon AWS Lambda in a breeze

  •    Javascript

Using Amazon's Lambda Service, Lambdaws cloudifies any JavaScript function — including existing libraries — with no extra code. It removes the friction you get when using AWS Lambda directly. The goal of Lambdaws is to make it trivial to build highly scalable, highly available applications. λ takes an inline asynchronous function and deploy it to AWS Lambda. If you call cloudedCalculator it will run in the cloud.

lambda-local - Commandline tool to run Amazon Lambda function on local machines.

  •    Javascript

Lambda-local lets you test Amazon Lambda functions on your local machine with sample event data. The context of the Lambda function is already loaded so you do not have to worry about it. You can pass any event JSON object as you please. You can use Lambda-local as a command line tool.

run-jxa - Run JXA code and get the result

  •    Javascript

JXA is JavaScript for Automation on macOS. Requires macOS 10.10 or later.Returns a Promise for the value returned from input.

run-node - Run the Node.js binary no matter what

  •    Shell

You can't always assume running $ node file.js will just work. The user might have the node binary in a non-standard location. They might be using a Node.js version manager like nvm, which is sourced in a subshell and not available from the outside. It also depends from where you're trying to run it. For example, GUI apps on macOS doesn't inherit the $PATH, so the node binary would not be found. Most projects that depend on Node.js just end up telling the user to manually set the full path to the node binary in some project specific settings. Now every project has to do this. Ugh... I prefer things to just work. With this module it will.This Bash script uses some tricks to find the Node.js binary on your system and run it.

node-planify - Plan a series of steps and display the output in a beautiful way

  •    Javascript

Plan a series of concrete steps and display their output in a beautiful way.Ever wanted to write a simple CLI that run a series of tasks with beautiful output? I did and I always ended up doing a thin wrapper repeatedly. This library provides a concise way to define these tasks while offering a handful of reporters to output the progress in a variety of ways.

webvr-gearvr-test - a simple test of WebVR running natively in GearVR

  •    Javascript

A test compiling WebVR (with A-Frame) to GearVR as a native application.Unlike a simple web page, which requires disabling GearVR service and setting up Chrome Dev, this approach intends to make a WebVR application that can be distributed through the Oculus Store.

homerun - Turn npm package scripts into CLI commands

  •    Javascript

Since npm 2.0, you can pass arguments to scripts... wait... what if you could use that for creating CLIs? Homerun is a little experiment that lets you just do that. If you need more, I highly recommend minimist.And of course, while you develop, you can still use npm run add -- 1 2 to test your command.

npm-path - Get a PATH containing locally installed module executables.

  •    Javascript

npm-path will get you a PATH with all of the executables available to npm scripts, without booting up all of npm(1).Calling npm-path from the commandline is the equivalent of executing an npm script with the body echo $PATH, but without all of the overhead of booting or depending on npm.

npm-run - Run locally-installed node module executables.

  •    Javascript

Use npm-run to ensure you're using the same version of a package on the command-line and in package.json scripts.Any executable available to an npm lifecycle script is available to npm-run.

npm-which - Locate a program or locally installed node module's executable

  •    Javascript

Use npm-which to locate executables which may be installed in the local 'node_modules/.bin', or in a parent 'node_modules/.bin' directory.npm-which runs in the context of an npm lifecycle script with its npm-modified PATH.

jesus - Resurrect processes if they die.

  •    Javascript

Resurrect processes if they die. Jesus is a simple-ish process management tool. It's designed to be very light, while still providing functions enough to be automated if necessary. To that end, it only runs a single process to monitor all your stuff. It can be exposed via a unix socket (default) or an actual network interface for automation.

npm-launch - 🚀 Minimalistic task runner on steroids!

  •    Javascript

Minimalistic task runner on steroids. Write scripts using JSON5 or ES6 JavaScript modules.A clean and short package.json. Commented tasks. Concurrency support out-of-the-box.

scoped-bulk - Run a command from every installed npm package under a certain scope

  •    Javascript

Run a command from every installed npm package under a certain scope. Useful in combination with district.Where <namespace> is the package namespace to use, and <command...> is a command to run from your shell in each scoped package.

smokestack - Pipe your JavaScript into a browser, logging console output in Node

  •    Javascript

A simple alternative to bigger browser automation tools, aiming to keep the interface and initial setup as simple as possible: JavaScript goes in, console logs come out. There's also support for browser screenshots in Chrome, with the other browsers getting support for that soon too.Designed for running UI tests on your desktop machine. You can use this, for example, to run tape in the browser and get TAP output in your terminal.

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