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gemoji - Emoji images and names.

  •    Ruby

This library contains character information about native emoji, as well as image files for a few custom emoji.Add gemoji to your Gemfile.

scientist - :microscope: A Ruby library for carefully refactoring critical paths.

  •    Ruby

A Ruby library for carefully refactoring critical paths.Let's pretend you're changing the way you handle permissions in a large web app. Tests can help guide your refactoring, but you really want to compare the current and refactored behaviors under load.

runbook - A framework for gradual system automation

  •    Ruby

See our blog post for the philosophy behind Runbook and an overview of its features. Runbook provides a DSL for specifying a series of steps to execute an operation. Once your runbook is specified, you can use it to generate a formatted representation of the book or to execute the runbook interactively. For example, you can export your runbook to markdown or use the same runbook to execute commands on remote servers.

matestack-ui-core - Matestack enables you to create sophisticated, reactive UIs in pure Ruby, without touching JavaScript and HTML

  •    Ruby

Version 2.0.0 was released on the 12th of April and proudly presented at RailsConf. Boost your productivity & easily create component based web UIs in pure Ruby. Reactivity included if desired.

maily - :mailbox: Rails Engine to preview emails in the browser

  •    Ruby

Maily is a Rails Engine to manage, test and navigate through all your email templates of your app, being able to preview them directly in your browser. Maily automatically picks up all your emails and make them accessible from a kind of dashboard.

object_tracer - ObjectTracer tracks objects and records their activities

  •    Ruby

After collecting the events, ObjectTracer will output them in a nice, readable format to either stdout or a file. Ultimately, its goal is to let you know all the information you need for debugging with just 1 line of code.

strip_attributes - :hocho: An ActiveModel extension that automatically strips all attributes of leading and trailing whitespace before validation

  •    Ruby

StripAttributes is an ActiveModel extension that automatically strips all attributes of leading and trailing whitespace before validation. If the attribute is blank, it strips the value to nil by default.It works by adding a before_validation hook to the record. By default, all attributes are stripped of whitespace, but :only and :except options can be used to limit which attributes are stripped. Both options accept a single attribute (only: :field) or arrays of attributes (except: [:field1, :field2, :field3]).

webinspector - Ruby gem to inspect completely a web page

  •    Ruby

Ruby gem to inspect completely a web page. It scrapes a given URL, and returns you its title, description, meta, links, images and more. The webinspector GEM is released under the MIT License.

waterdrop - Ruby-Kafka based aspect oriented library for Kafka messages generating

  •    Ruby

Gem used to send messages to Kafka in an easy way.message that you want to send should be either binary or stringified (to_s, to_json, etc).

worker-glass - Timeout and Reentrancy for your background processing workers

  •    Ruby

WorkerGlass provides optional timeout and after failure (reentrancy) for background processing worker engines (like Sidekiq, Resque, etc).If you don't know what is reentrancy, you can read about it here.

minitest-matchers_vaccine - :syringe: Adds matcher support to minitest without all the other RSpec-style expectation "infections

  •    Ruby

Adds matcher support to minitest without all the other RSpec-style expectation infections.Using matchers with RSpec-style expectations requires that we infect the objects that we are testing with new methods. Matcher implementations are typically overkill, but there are a lot of good testing libraries that still insist on standardizing on matchers. These matchers still have some value, and this gem tries to extract that value with straight-forward assertions that adhere to the matcher spec.

chasqui - Chasqui adds persistent publish-subscribe (pub-sub) messaging capabilities to Sidekiq and Resque workers

  •    Ruby

Chasqui adds persistent publish-subscribe (pub-sub) messaging capabilities to Sidekiq and Resque workers. Chasqui uses Redis to store events and manage subscriptions. You can install Redis with your favorite package manager, such as homebrew, yum, or apt, or if you prefer, you can run vagrant up to run Redis in a virtual machine. If you already have Resque or Sidekiq working, then you already have everything you need to get started with Chasqui.

git_statistics - A gem that allows you to get detailed statistics of a git repository.

  •    Ruby

This gem also uses grosser/language_sniffer to determine the language of each individual file within commits. This augments the reported statistics by breaking down the author's statistics by languages. This gem also has the ability to save the acquired data into a JSON file (in either a compressed or pretty format). If a saved file is present for the repository you can use the gem to load the data from the file, thus saving time for re-displaying the statistics using a different set of display flags (what statistic to sort on, number of authors to show, consider merges, etc...). In the event that a repository updates with new commits the gem allows you to update the saved file with the new commits.

autoloaded - Eliminates the drudgery of handcrafting an `autoload` statement for each Ruby source code file in your project

  •    Ruby

If you like the Module#autoload feature of the Ruby Core library, you may have wished for Autoloaded. It eliminates the drudgery of handcrafting an autoload statement for each Ruby source code file in your project. It also avoids the limitations of rigid convention-driven facilities such as those provided by the ActiveSupport RubyGem. Autoloaded assumes, but does not enforce, CamelCase-to-snake_case correspondence between the names of constants and source files. You can combine conventions, even putting multiple autoloaded constants in a single source file.

shortuuid.rb - Convert UUIDs to space efficient and URL-safe Base62 strings, or any other alphabet.

  •    Ruby

Encode and decode UUIDs into any alphabet. Can either be used to improve space efficiency by using any alphabet with more than 16 characters, or any other alphabet for fun or profit. Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at https://github.com/sudhirj/shortuuid. This project is intended to be a safe, welcoming space for collaboration, and contributors are expected to adhere to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct.

poet - Lets you split your ssh_config into separate files

  •    Gherkin

Include the specified configuration file(s). Multiple pathnames may be specified and each pathname may contain glob(3) wildcards and, for user configurations, shell-like “~” references to user home directories. Files without absolute paths are assumed to be in ~/.ssh if included in a user configuration file or /etc/ssh if included from the system configuration file. Include directive may appear inside a Match or Host block to perform conditional inclusion. This covers most use cases poet was designed for. As of February 2018, this repo is officially unmaintained.

git-status-all - Get the status of all git repositories in a directory

  •    Ruby

Run the status-all subcommand inside a directory containing a number of repositories, and it will show the status for all of them. Often you want to fetch from all the remotes for each repository first to see if there are any upstream changes. Use the --fetch or -f option to do this.

wayback_archiver - Ruby gem to send URLs to Wayback Machine

  •    Ruby

Post URLs to Wayback Machine (Internet Archive), using a crawler, from Sitemap(s), or a list of URLs.

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