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pages-gem - A simple Ruby Gem to bootstrap dependencies for setting up and maintaining a local Jekyll environment in sync with GitHub Pages

A simple Ruby Gem to bootstrap dependencies for setting up and maintaining a local Jekyll environment in sync with GitHub Pages.Important: Make sure you have Bundler > v1.14 by running gem update bundler in your terminal before following the next steps.

sidekiq-cron - Scheduler / Cron for Sidekiq jobs

A scheduling add-on for Sidekiq. Runs a thread alongside Sidekiq workers to schedule jobs at specified times (using cron notation * * * * * parsed by Rufus-Scheduler, more about cron notation.

machine-learning-with-ruby - Curated list: Resources for machine learning in Ruby.

Machine Learning is a field of Computational Science - often nested under AI research - with many practical applications due to the ability of resulting algorithms to systematically implement a specific solution without explicit programmer's instructions. Obviously many algorithms need a definition of features to look at or a biggish training set of data to derive the solution from. This curated list comprises awesome libraries, data sources, tutorials and presentations about Machine Learning utilizing the Ruby programming language.

ruby-kafka - A Ruby client library for Apache Kafka

A Ruby client library for Apache Kafka, a distributed log and message bus. The focus of this library will be operational simplicity, with good logging and metrics that can make debugging issues easier.Although parts of this library work with Kafka 0.8 – specifically, the Producer API – it's being tested and developed against Kafka 0.9. The Consumer API is Kafka 0.9+ only.

termit - Translations with speech synthesis in your terminal as a ruby gem

Termit is an easy way to translate stuff in your terminal. You can check out its node.js npm version normit.Idea by Nedomas. See and hear your messages translated to target lang every time you commit. You can do this two ways: overriding the git command, and using a post-commit hook in git.

licensee - A Ruby Gem to detect under what license a project is distributed.

A Ruby Gem to detect under what license a project is distributed. Special thanks to @vmg for his Git and algorithmic prowess.

mobility - Pluggable Ruby translation framework

Mobility is a gem for storing and retrieving translations as attributes on a class. These translations could be the content of blog posts, captions on images, tags on bookmarks, or anything else you might want to store in different languages. For examples of what Mobility can do, see the Companies using Mobility section below. Storage of translations is handled by customizable "backends" which encapsulate different storage strategies. The default way to store translations is to put them all in a set of two shared tables, but many alternatives are also supported, including translatable columns and model translation tables, as well as database-specific storage solutions such as json/jsonb and Hstore (for PostgreSQL).

scoruby - Ruby Scoring API for PMML

Ruby scoring API for Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML).Currently supports Decision Tree, Random Forest Naive Bayes and Gradient Boosted Models.

minio-ruby - Minio Client SDK for Ruby

The Minio Client SDK for Ruby provides simple APIs to access Minio or any Amazon S3 compatible object storage server.And then execute to install the deps.

eventbrite-sdk-ruby - Official Ruby SDK for the Eventbrite v3 API

Welcome to your new gem! In this directory, you'll find the files you need to be able to package up your Ruby library into a gem. Put your Ruby code in the file lib/eventbrite_sdk. To experiment with that code, run bin/console for an interactive prompt.The library needs to be configured with your account's personal OAuth token which is available in your [App Management][app management] page. Assign it's value to EventbriteSDK.token and the library will send it along automatically with every request.

apluscard - Ruby interface to AzeriCard online payment processing system

Unoffical Ruby interface to AzeriCard online payment processing system. WARNING: This code is in no way affiliated with, authorised, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by AzeriCard LLC or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries. This is an independent and unofficial. Use at your own risk.

waifu2x - Ruby wrapper and CLI for waifu2x

Waifu2x is a ruby wrapper and CLI for waifu2x, which provides Noise Reduction and 2x Upscaling for anime style images. Released under the BSD 2-clause license. See LICENSE.txt for details.

chasqui - Chasqui adds persistent publish-subscribe (pub-sub) messaging capabilities to Sidekiq and Resque workers

Chasqui adds persistent publish-subscribe (pub-sub) messaging capabilities to Sidekiq and Resque workers. Chasqui uses Redis to store events and manage subscriptions. You can install Redis with your favorite package manager, such as homebrew, yum, or apt, or if you prefer, you can run vagrant up to run Redis in a virtual machine. If you already have Resque or Sidekiq working, then you already have everything you need to get started with Chasqui.

alembic - ⚗ A Jekyll boilerplate theme designed to be a starting point for any Jekyll website

⚗ A Jekyll boilerplate theme designed to be a starting point for any Jekyll website. Alembic is a starting point for Jekyll projects. Rather than starting from scratch, this boilerplate theme is designed to get the ball rolling immediately. Install it, configure it, tweak it, push it.

garth - 🥁 A stupidly simple theme for Jekyll

🥁 A stupidly simple theme for Jekyll, using the official Jekyll theme implementation. When using Garth as a theme means you can take advantage of the file overriding method. This allows you to overwrite any file in this theme with your own custom file, simply by matching the file name and path. The most common example of this would be if you want to add your own styles or change the core style settings.

validation - Validations with Ruby objects

Validations with Ruby objects. The MIT X11 License Copyright (c) 2011-2012 Kenichi Kamiya See MIT-LICENSE for further details.

katapult - Kickstart Rails development!

Katapult is a kickstart generator for Rails applications. It creates new Rails applications with lots of pre-configuration and offers makandra-flavored code generation from an application model. These two features significally speed up the initial phase of a Rails project by doing in minutes what otherwise would cost you weeks. After modeling your application, which typically takes about an hour, you can instantly start implementing the meat of your application. Katapult only supports a single Ruby and Rails version, currently it's Rails 5.1.4 and Ruby 2.5.0.

maxminddb - Pure Ruby GeoIP2 MaxMind DB reader.

Pure Ruby GeoIP2 MaxMind DB reader, which doesn't require libmaxminddb. You can find more information about the GeoIP2 database here.

dinero_mail_ipn - Dinero Mail IPN Ruby Gem

Consulta de pagos en períodos de una semana. Consulta de reportes para transacciones específicas.

feedbacker - Provides a tab for users to contact developers from within the application

Feedbacker assumes that you're using... Add the following to your Gemfile.