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rtsp-simple-server - ready-to-use server and proxy that allows to read, publish and proxy video and audio streams with RTSP, RTMP, HLS

  •    Go

rtsp-simple-server is a ready-to-use and zero-dependency server and proxy that allows users to publish, read and proxy live video and audio streams through various protocols like RTSP, RTMP, HLS. It publish and read live streams to the server. It acts as a proxy and serve streams from other servers or cameras, always or on-demand.

krtp - Node.js implementation of rtp, rtcp protocols. RFC 3550

  •    TypeScript

RealTime Protocol implementation based on RFC 3550 in NodeJS. It supports RTP and SR message of RTCP. All contributions are welcome. KRTP has support for rxjs.

captagent - 100% Open-Source Packet Capture Agent for HEP

  •    C

Captagent is a powerful, flexible, completely modular HEP packet capture and mirroring framework for RTC, ready for (virtually) any kind of IP protocol and encapsulation method - past, present - and future. If you found a bug or issue with the code, please raise an Issue on the project tracker.

heplify-server - HEP Server & Switch in Go

  •    Go

heplify-server is a stand-alone HOMER capture server developed in Go, optimized for speed and simplicity. Distributed as a single binary ready to capture TLS and UDP HEP, Protobuf encapsulated packets from heplify or any other HEP enabled agent, indexing to database and rotating using H5 or H7 table format. heplify-server provides precise SIP and RTCP metrics with the help of Prometheus and Grafana. It gives you the possibility to get a global view on your network and individual SIP trunk monitoring. To setup a systemd service use the sample service file and follow the instructions at the top.

homer-app - HOMER 7.x App (beta)

  •    Javascript

This is a beta release mostly intended for developers. JWT Web Tokens are used to secure API. JWT settings are in src/private/jwt_settings.json.

gortsplib - RTSP 1.0 client and server library for the Go programming language

  •    Go

RTSP 1.0 client and server library for the Go programming language, written for rtsp-simple-server. Go ≥ 1.15 is required.

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