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mainframer - Tool for remote builds. Sync project to remote machine, execute command, sync back.

Tool that allows you to move build process from a local machine to a remote one.Remote machine ought to be much faster than a laptop. With mainframer you can free up your local machine for better things — like editing source code in your IDE without lags and freezes, being able to actually use your computer when the build is happening.

SharePoint Rsync

This program will sync files from unc/local/sharepoint to a SharePoint 2007, 2010, or 2013 server. Supports up to 2GB files.


Just Another Rsync Front-end for Windows. Consists in a GUI front-end for the Rsync client functionality and a Windows service for the Rsync daemon. It is bundled with a minimum Cygwin-port of Rsync (rsync.exe, UTF8-patched cygwin1.dll and cygiconv-2.dll). The primary goal i...

autorsync - Node.js File Watch + rsync

Watch directories for changes and update remote directories with rsync. Directories are monitored with fs.watch from Node.js.rsync is a file transfer program for Unix systems. rsync uses the 'rsync algorithm' which provides a very fast method for bringing remote files into sync. rsync works unidirectional. If you are looking for a two-way-sync have a look at unison. autorsync could easily be ported to be used with unison.

unbalance - unRAID app to free space from one disk in the array, by moving folders/files to the other disks

tl;dr unBALANCE is an unRAID plugin to transfer files/folders between disks in your array.It's versatile and can serve multiple purposes, based on your needs.

rsynk - Rsync ssh server for JVM in Kotlin

Consider work in progress. It's not yet ready to use.An embeddable ssh server for rsync clinet.

pachy - Simple incremental backups with rsync and xdelta3

After some work we changed the file example1 and deleted document2. To create an incremental backup, just run the same command a second time. Only changes will be copied. Under the deleted folder are all the files that were deleted. Under changed are the xdelta3 differences of the changed file.

sinker - synchronize remote directories

Now modify the files from the directory given by process.argv[2] on either system. The files are in sync! After the initial file exchange, each side watches the local set of files for changes and propagates any updates to the other end of the connection.Create a duplex sink stream that synchronizes a directory dir with a remote directory.

hexo-deployer-rsync - Rsync deployer plugin for Hexo.

Rsync deployer plugin for Hexo.You can configure this plugin in _config.yml.

rs-sync - A clone of rsync in Rust

This is an rsync-clone written in the Rust programming language. It will contain a library, allowing to efficiently synchronize related files using delta encoding; an rdiff clone, allowing to generate binary patches of large files offline; and a rsync clone, updating files efficiently over the network. This is very early work, which I am doing mainly to learn Rust.

sync - syncs your local folder with remote folder using scp

Syncjs is an easy to use command line tool for uploading your local changes to a remote server. It's useful in situations where your application needs to be on a remote server to run (dev machines, pubdev environments, etc.) but you still want to use your local environment for development. You can simply map you local copy of the project to the remote version and syncjs will do the rest.

node-rsync - Rsync wrapper for Node.js

Rsync is a class for building and executing rsync commands with Node.js. This module is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more details.

nsync - Bye bye bye rsync

nsync is a commandline tool and node.js library that synchronises folders using pluggable transports. Install node.js if you haven't already.

snowdrop - Snowdrop

Snowdrop was built as a sidecar utility for VIM to allow me to work locally with files that are remote. Because some of the applications I work on aren't easily hosted locally, I needed something that lets me take advantages of neato VIM plugins and features (CtrlP, NERDTree, tags) as if I was running them on the local system. Snowdrop will ask for info about a remote folder, pull those files down, and watch as you make change so that files can be pushed to the remote machine and ctags files can be updated.