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feedr - Use feedr to fetch the data from a remote url, respect its caching, and parse its data

  •    Javascript

Use feedr to fetch the data from a remote url, respect its caching, and parse its data. Despite its name, it's not just for feed data but also for all data that you can feed into it (including binary data).Older environments may need Babel's Polyfill or something similar.

jstoxml - JavaScript object to XML converter

  •    Javascript

Everyone loves JSON, and more and more folks want to move that direction, but we still need things outputted in XML! Particularly for RSS feeds and Podcasts. This is inspired by node-jsontoxml, which was found to be a bit too rough around the edges. jstoxml attempts to fix that by being more flexible.

pickup - Transform XML feeds

  •    Javascript

The pickup Node package provides a Transform stream from RSS 2.0, including iTunes namespace extensions, and Atom 1.0 formatted XML to newline separated JSON strings or objects. This can either be a String(), null, or undefined.

feedme.js - RSS/Atom/JSON feed parser

  •    Javascript

feedme.js is an RSS/Atom/JSON feed parser. How is this different from the other few feed parsers? It uses sax-js for xml parsing and clarinet for json parsing. That means it is coded in pure Javascript and thus more deployable. I needed a parser that wouldn't require me to install external dependencies or to compile anything. Creates a new instance of the FeedMe parser. buffer can be true if you want the parser to buffer the entire feed document as a JSON object, letting you use the FeedMe#done() method.

hook.io-feedsub - hook.io bindings for RSS/Atom/JSON feeds

  •    Javascript

Programatically, this is how you would listen for new feed items.. It uses feedsub to read feeds. Take a look at its constructor API for all the options that can be passed to it.

node-feedsub - Subscribes to RSS/Atom/JSON feeds and notifies on new items.

  •    Javascript

FeedSub subscribes to a remote RSS/Atom/JSON feed and notifies you of any new items it reads. It works by checking the feed every once in a while, comparing the date of the document via a conditional GET if supported. Otherwise it looks for a date tag in the feed. If it's the same as the last date, it stops downloading it and parsing the xml/json. If it's an updated document, then it looks through it top to bottom taking note of all the new items. Once it finds something it has already read, it stops downloading and parsing the document.

feed-module - Everyone deserves RSS, ATOM and JSON feeds!

  •    Javascript

Let's take a closer look on the create function. This is the API that actually modifies your upcoming feed. Feed creation is based on the feed package. Please use it as reference and further documentation for modifying the feed object that is passed to the create function.

json-feed-viewer - The world's first JSON feed viewer 🥇

  •    CSS

Install a local Redis server by following these instructions. The app is currently "Heroku deployment"-ready. Feel free to deploy it through other means.

medium-json-feed - Get Medium latest articles in JSON format

  •    Javascript

Medium's public API is quite limited and it is not possible to fetch data from browsers due to CORS issue. Use this package in your server to get JSON article list from Medium or fork and deploy this minimum server to Heroku or another PaaS. Gets the user/publication name and an optional callback or stream. Returns a promise.

jsonfeed-to-atom - Convert a JSON feed to an atom feed

  •    Javascript

Convert a JSON feed to an atom feed. Coverts a parsed JSON feed into an atom feed. Returns the string of the atom feed.

feedparser - feedparser gem - (universal) web feed parser and normalizer (XML w/ Atom or RSS, JSON Feed, HTML w/ Microformats e

  •    Ruby

October/2017: Added support for attachments / media enclosures in RSS and Atom. June/2017: Added support for reading feeds in HTML with Microformats incl. h-entry, h-feed and others.

feedmixer - A micro web service to fetch and mix entries from Atom and RSS feeds (returns Atom, RSS, or JSON)

  •    Python

FeedMixer is a tiny WSGI (Python3) micro service which takes a list of feed URLs and returns a new feed consisting of the most recent n entries from each given feed. Note that the top-level install directory must be writable by the server running the app, because it creates the logfiles ('fm.log' and 'fm.log.1') and its cache database ('fmcache.db') there.