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FreshRSS - A free, self-hostable aggregator…

  •    PHP

FreshRSS is a self-hosted RSS feed aggregator such as Leed or Kriss Feed. It is at the same time lightweight, easy to work with, powerful and customizable.

Jackett - API Support for your favorite torrent trackers.

  •    CSharp

This project is a new fork and is recruiting development help. If you are able to help out please contact us. Jackett works as a proxy server: it translates queries from apps (Sonarr, Radarr, SickRage, CouchPotato, Mylar, DuckieTV, etc) into tracker-site-specific http queries, parses the html response, then sends results back to the requesting software. This allows for getting recent uploads (like RSS) and performing searches. Jackett is a single repository of maintained indexer scraping & translation logic - removing the burden from other apps.

MagpieRSS - XML-based RSS parser in PHP

  •    PHP

MagpieRSS is compatible with RSS 0.9 through RSS 1.0. Also parses RSS 1.0's modules, RSS 2.0, and Atom. (with a few exceptions)

XML::RSS - RSS feeds using Perl

  •    Perl

This module provides a basic framework for creating and maintaining RDF Site Summary (RSS) files. This distribution also contains many examples that allow you to generate HTML from an RSS, convert between 0.9, 0.91, and 1.0 version, and other nifty things.

FeedReader - Modern desktop application designed to complement existing web-based RSS accounts.

  •    Vala

FeedReader is a modern desktop application designed to complement existing web-based RSS accounts. It combines all the advantages of web based services like synchronisation across all your devices with everything you expect from a modern desktop application. The Flatpak build works on any distro and will always track the newest release. For that reason, it's the only way we recommend that you install FeedReader (we really don't have the resources to support multiple distro-specific package).

reader - Free and open source feeds reader, including all major Google Reader features

  •    Java

Reader is an open source, Web-based aggregator of content served by Web Feeds (RSS, Atom). Reader is written in Java, and may be run on any operating system with Java support.

feeds - DIY Atom feeds in times of social media and paywalls

  •    Python

Once upon a time every website offered an RSS feed to keep readers updated about new articles/blog posts via the users' feed readers. These times are long gone. The once iconic orange RSS icon has been replaced by "social share" buttons. Feeds aims to bring back the good old reading times. It creates Atom feeds for websites that don't offer them (anymore). It allows you to read new articles of your favorite websites in your feed reader (e.g. Tiny Tiny RSS) even if this is not officially supported by the website.

full-text-rss - Full-Text RSS can transform partial feeds to deliver the full content stripped of clutter and ads

  •    PHP

This is a our public version of Full-Text RSS available to download for free from http://code.fivefilters.org. For best extraction results, and to help us sustain the project, you can purchase the most up-to-date version at http://fivefilters.org/content-only/#download - so if you like this free version, please consider supporting us by purchasing the latest release.

pogo - Audio feed generator and CMS

  •    Go

Podcast RSS & JSON feed generator and CMS in Go. There are a couple options for getting Pogo up and running.

learning-golang - Go 学习之路:Go 开发者博客、Go 微信公众号、Go 学习资料(文档、书籍、视频)

  •    Go

Go 学习之路:Go 开发者博客、Go 微信公众号、Go 学习资料(文档、书籍、视频)

rssnotifier - Node RSS reader telegram bot

  •    Javascript

An RSS reader on steroids. A Node backend handles the feed parsing and reading. The match function flags specific elements, based on user-defined keywords (queries).

hammond - Main repository is over at the GNOME gitlab instance

  •    Rust

Listen to your favorite podcasts, right from your desktop. You can get Builder from here.

Gofr - Feed Reader for App Engine (Google Reader clone)

  •    Go

Gofr is a Feed Reader (Google Reader clone) for Google App Engine. It grew out of my frustration with the relational backend of grr and my inability to optimize it beyond unsatisfactory results. Gofr is written in Go, and uses the Google Cloud Datastore. It was one of the finalists in Google Cloud Developer Challenge 2013.

JARR - JARR is a web news aggregator.

  •    Python

JARR (which stands for Just Another RSS Reader) is a web-based news aggregator and reader. JARR is under ongoing developments and functionnalities are regularly added. For past and futur updates see the milestones. However JARR is stable and can function as easily on a light installation with the python SimpleHTTP server and a SQLite database or on a more heavy setup with nginx or apache running against a PostGreSQL database.

rssguard - RSS Guard is simple (yet powerful) feed reader. This is the official project repository.

  •    C++

Welcome to RSS Guard website. You can find here basic information. RSS Guard is simple, light and easy-to-use RSS/ATOM feed aggregator developed using Qt framework which supports online feed synchronization.

rss2hook - POST to webhook(s) when new feed-items appear.

  •    Go

This project is a self-hosted utility which will make HTTP POST requests to remote web-hooks when new items appear in an RSS feed. There are two ways to install this project from source, which depend on the version of the go version you're using.

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