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feedhq - FeedHQ is a web-based feed reader

  •    Python

Then deploy the Django app using the recipe that fits your installation. More documentation on the Django deployment guide. The WSGI application is located at feedhq.wsgi.application.

feeder - Parse RSS and Atom feeds

  •    Erlang

The feeder Erlang library parses RSS and Atom formatted XML feeds. It is a stream based parser that sends its events through a callback interface. The channel or feed tuple.

pickup - Transform XML feeds

  •    Javascript

The pickup Node package provides a Transform stream from RSS 2.0, including iTunes namespace extensions, and Atom 1.0 formatted XML to newline separated JSON strings or objects. This can either be a String(), null, or undefined.

full-text-rss - Full-Text RSS can transform partial feeds to deliver the full content stripped of clutter and ads

  •    PHP

This is a our public version of Full-Text RSS available to download for free from http://code.fivefilters.org. For best extraction results, and to help us sustain the project, you can purchase the most up-to-date version at http://fivefilters.org/content-only/#download - so if you like this free version, please consider supporting us by purchasing the latest release.

feedparser - A Dart library for parsing RSS feeds

  •    Dart

A Dart library for parsing RSS feeds. As long as the input string provided is a valid XML string, feedparser will attempt to parse it and return a Feed object. In strict mode feedparser instead throws ArgumentErrors for missing mandatory fields [as defined by the RSS 2.0 spec]. This is useful for testing feeds to ensure they meet the spec, but impractical when dealing with feeds not under your control.

RetrofitRssConverterFactory - A Retrofit 2 converter which parses Rss feeds

  •    Java

A Retrofit2 converter which parses Rss feeds. You can contribute by opening a pull request to dev branch. Please try to push one feature in one commit for a clean commit history.

SimpleFeedReader - Easy to use, simple, Syndication feed reader

  •    CSharp

Easy to use, simple, Syndication feed reader (Atom / RSS). Available as Nuget Package. By default the FeedReader suppresses exceptions (since feeds tend to go down occasionally, they contain invalid XML from time-to-time and have all other sorts of problems). However, you can tell the FeedReader to throw exceptions simply by setting the throwOnError argument of the FeedReader's constructor to true.

node-blindparser - blindparser is an all purpose RSS/ATOM feed parser that parses feeds into a common format so that you do not have to care if they are RSS or ATOM feeds

  •    Javascript

blindparser is a RSS/ATOM feed parser that returns the requested feed urls in a json object that is formatted so that you will not have to worry (much) about the format of the requested feed. RSS and ATOM feeds are both trying to deliver similar content, but are different enough with their structure to be aggravating. The purpose of blindparser is to allow for the important parts of the feeds (article titles, links, etc) to be returned in a standard format, but to also return the rest of the feed in a reasonable way.

rssnotifier - Node RSS reader telegram bot

  •    Javascript

An RSS reader on steroids. A Node backend handles the feed parsing and reading. The match function flags specific elements, based on user-defined keywords (queries).

FeedParser - An RSS and Atom feed parser written in Swift

  •    Swift

FeedParser and been renamed FeedKit and moved to a new repository. The sole reason for deprecating the FeedParser repository lies under the need to rename the framework while keeping a consistent use of it's new name. The new repository FeedKit will be under active development and maintenance.

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