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sbt-native-packager - sbt Native Packager

  •    Scala

SBT native packager lets you build application packages in native formats. It offers different archetypes for common configurations, such as simple Java apps or server applications. Discussion/Questions: If you wish to ask questions about the native packager, we have a mailinglist and we're very active on Stack Overflow. You can either use the sbt tag or the sbt-native-packager tag. They also have far better search support for working around issues.

electron-builder - A complete solution to package and build a ready for distribution Electron app with “auto update” support out of the box

  •    TypeScript

A complete solution to package and build a ready for distribution Electron, Proton Native or Muon app for macOS, Windows and Linux with “auto update” support out of the box. See documentation on electron.build.

repo - Fedora 中文社区软件源

  •    DIGITAL

Fedora 中文社区软件源

Koji - RPM building and tracking system

  •    Python

Koji is an RPM-based build system. Its goal is to provide a flexible, secure, and reproducible way to build software. It is thin, portable command line client, Users can create local buildroots and lot more. It uses Mock to create chroot environments to perform builds.

docker-rpm-builder - Build native RPM packages for Centos/RHEL/Fedora from any Linux distro or even OSX, by leveraging docker capabilities

  •    C

IMPORTANT: Docker has changed the distribution repos (both APT and YUM) for its packages. See the updated instructions and repos at docs.docker.com. The new free package is called docker-ce. IMPORTANT: since 1.33, docker-rpm-builder won't force a dependency on a specific docker package, you must install a docker distribution yourself - see prerequisites.

JavaPackager - :package: Gradle/Maven plugin to package Java applications as native Windows, Mac OS X, or GNU/Linux executables and create installers for them

  •    Java

JavaPackager is a hybrid plugin for Maven and Gradle which provides an easy way to package Java applications in native Windows, Mac OS X or GNU/Linux executables, and generate installers for them. SNAPSHOT version is not released to Maven Central, so you have to install it manually.

nfpm - NFPM is Not FPM - a simple deb and rpm packager written in Go

  •    Go

NFPM is Not FPM - a simple deb and rpm packager written in Go. While fpm is great, for me it is a bummer that it depends on Ruby, tar and probably other software.

go-rpm - A native implementation of the RPM file specification in Go

  •    Go

A native implementation of the RPM file specification in Go.The go-rpm package aims to enable cross-platform tooling for yum/dnf/rpm written in Go (E.g. y10k).

package-build - A toolset for building system packages using Docker and fpm-cookery

  •    Shell

Package-build is a toolset for creating native system packages: .deb for Debian-like and .rpm for RedHat-like OSes. It is useable out-of-the-box.With a few simple scripts, you can use package-build to create isolated, self-contained packages; provide them in your internal repos; and not worry about deployment and dependencies. You can even use these scripts to package tarballs that are randomly dropped into a web folder. Because a simple shell script performs the actual package-building, you can easily use the same commands in a continuous integration context — i.e., to automatically build packages every time a recipe changes or a new one has been added.

rabbitmq-server-release - RabbitMQ release handling

  •    Shell

It uses Erlang.mk's PROJECT_VERSION variable to set the version of the source archive. If the variable is unset, Erlang.mk computes a value based on the last tag and the current HEAD.The version is automatically propagated to the broker and plugins so they all advertise the same version.

erlang-rpm - Zero dependency Erlang RPM, just enough for running RabbitMQ

  •    Makefile

This is a (virtually) zero dependency 64-bit Erlang RPM package that provides just enough to run RabbitMQ. It may be easier to install than RPMs provided by Erlang Solutions in certain environments. It may or may not be suitable for running other Erlang-based software or 3rd party RabbitMQ plugins.This package has an implicit OpenSSL/libcrypto dependency (see below).

speculate - Automatically generates an RPM Spec file for your Node.js project

  •    Javascript

Speculate assumes that you've already installed your npm dependencies when it is run. This means that you don't need to worry about running npm install inside a clean RPM-building environment like mock.The generated spec file instructs your RPM building tool to run npm rebuild as part of the build process. This ensures that any native modules are rebuilt for your target environment, even if they were originally installed on a different platform.

rmt - Repository mirroring tool and registration proxy for SUSE Customer Center.

  •    Ruby

This tool allows you to mirror RPM repositories in your own private network. Organization (mirroring) credentials are required to mirror SUSE repositories. RMT supports disconnected setups, similiar to how SMT does.

sle2docker - This is a tool which facilitates the creation of SLE containers for Docker.

  •    Ruby

sle2docker is a convenience tool which imports the pre-built SUSE Linux Enterprise images for Docker. The tool takes advantage of pre-built Docker images distributed by SUSE to create the base Docker image that users can later customize using Docker's integrated build system. The pre-built images are distributed by SUSE as RPMs.

fpm-recipes - Graylog package build recipes

  •    Shell

This repository contains fpm-cookery recipes to build the official Graylog packages. The package builds are executed in isolated Docker containers by using the Vagrant Docker Provider.

nodejs-rpm - node.js rpm spec

  •    Makefile

Docker environment for building nodejs rpm. It will help to build and debug.

frequency-counter - Count the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit of time

  •    Javascript

Count the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit of time. Initialize the frequency counter. Optionally set a custom window size in seconds over which the frequency should be calcuated (default: 60).

rpmvenv - RPM packager for Python virtualenv.

  •    Python

RPM package helper which support packaging Python virtual environments. In order to package a Python project in an RPM containing a virtualenv drop a file in your repository root with a '.json' extensions and the following content. Change the values where appropriate.

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