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leo_rpc - An original RPC library written in Erlang whose interface is similar to Erlang's buildin RPC

  •    Erlang

An original rpc library, interface of which is similar to Erlang's RPC. Aim to connect with over 100 nodes. First clone the leo_rpc repository and create a copy of it. Then, compile them with different 'listen_port' configurations.

backwater - Intercluster RPC for Erlang and Elixir

  •    Erlang

backwater allows you to call remote modules without depending on the Erlang distribution protocol. It's targeted at scenarios where nodes in one datacenter need to call nodes in another datacenter, over unsecure or unstable networks.

dubbo-erlang - Apache Dubbo Erlang Implementation.

  •    Erlang

Apache Dubbo Erlang Implementation. The following features are supported.