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network-examples - Linux networking examples and tutorials

  •    Roff

Welcome to my Linux Networking tutorials. The first part, learning two widely used routing protocols, OSPF and BGP, is almost completed. You've been a Linux server and network administrator for some years, have been building an office and/or colocation network with IPv4, IPv6, firewalls with IPTables, some stateful filtering (and NAT for IPv4). You've set up VPN tunnels between different locations to be able to reach the internal IPv4 network using RFC1918 addresses on the other side.

BSDRP - BSD Router Project

  •    Shell

BSDRP is an embedded free and open source router distribution based on FreeBSD with FRRouting and Bird.

LightRoute - LightRoute is easy transition for your app. Written on Swift 4

  •    Swift

LightRoute is easy transition between VIPER modules, who implemented on pure Swift. We can transition between your modules very easy from couple lines of codes. Carthage is a decentralized dependency manager that builds your dependencies and provides you with binary frameworks.