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universal-router - A simple middleware-style router for isomorphic JavaScript web apps

  •    Javascript

A simple middleware-style router that can be used in both client-side (e.g. React, Vue.js) and server-side applications (e.g. Node.js/Express, Koa).Play with an example on JSFiddle, CodePen, JS Bin in your browser or try RunKit node.js playground.

koa-router - Router middleware for koa.

  •    Javascript

Create a new router. Create router.verb() methods, where verb is one of the HTTP verbs such as router.get() or router.post().

route - Simple route middleware

  •    Javascript

Uber simple route middleware for koa. If you need a full-featured solution check out koa-router, a Koa clone of express-resource.

url-pattern - easier than regex string matching patterns for urls and other strings

  •    CoffeeScript

easier than regex string matching patterns for urls and other strings. turn strings into data or data into strings.a pattern is immutable after construction. none of its methods changes its state. that makes it easier to reason about.

detour - Node.js / Express.js Routing Re-imagined

  •    Javascript

Resource-oriented routing: Route to objects instead of functions for better code-reuse and organization.

enroute - restify route specification via JSON

  •    Javascript

Config driven restify route creation

patterns - Match a string against a list of patterns

  •    Javascript

Match a string against a list of patterns.The name of this module was previosuly match-patterns, but Pavel Lang have been generous to give me the patterns name on NPM. If you are looking for the previous module it have been renamed design-patterns.

houkou - Teeny tiny router for node and the browser

  •    Javascript

Houkou is a very simple (but surprisingly featureful) router written in JavaScript, targeted towards both Node.JS and the browser. It has no external dependencies and currently weighs in at just over a kilobyte uncompressed. There's not much to be documented, fortunately! The example below should cover just about everything (seriously). There's some tests in the test directory as well if you want some more examples.

mithril-router - Django style router for Mithril.js

  •    Javascript

Router allowing creation of Single-Page-Applications (SPA) with a DRY mechanism (identification classified as namespaces) to prevent hard-coded URLs. To define routing specify a host DOM element, and routes with a root route. Should no root route be specified, the first route is chosen.

node-https-detect - detect whether a stream is an http or https request and forward to the appropriate server

  •    Javascript

Detect whether a stream is https or http based on the first buffer on a stream and forward accordingly.Listen on :4050 routing http traffic to :4051 and https traffic to :4052.

default-gateway - Get the default network gateway, cross-platform.

  •    Javascript

Get the default network gateway, cross-platform. Obtains the machine's default gateway through exec calls to OS routing interfaces. On Linux and Android, the ip command must be available (usually provided by the iproute2 package).

mapleTree - Recursive route tree for Node.js

  •    Javascript

mapleTree is a small, recursive router for Node.js. It works by creating a routing tree and searching for full and partial matches. mapleTree is designed to be minimal. It is written with the intention that other libraries will be built on top of it or extend its functionality. The pattern API works similarly to the define API. You pass mapleTree.pattern a patterned URL to match against, and it returns a function that when passed a string as a parameter will return a boolean indicating whether it matches the parameter or not.

node-url-assembler - Assemble urls from route-like templates (/path/:param)

  •    Javascript

You can also incrementally build your URL. If url-assembler finds the request module. Then a .request property is available on every instance which can be used to make requests.

ember-route-alias - Ember addon to create multiple paths for the same route.

  •    Javascript

This Ember addon makes it easy to create multiple paths to the same route. By default it uses the same set of assets as the original route, but individual assets for each route can be overidden. It also includes a simple {{#rel-link-to}} helper to make template reuse easier.

react-router-reverse - :rewind: Components and helpers for route reversal in react-router@1.x.x.

  •    Javascript

Components and helpers for route reversal in react-router@1.x.x. Wraps react-router's Link component to handle route reversal. routes can either be passed explicitly as props or implicitly as context. Since react-router@1.0.0-rc1+ stopped using context, you can still tell your app to pass down routes using childContextTypes and getChildContext.

react-routify - Routing for React

  •    Javascript

The purpose of React Routify is to provide routing to React applications without scattering domain specific language throughout your codebase. Wherever possible, React Routify uses existing constructs provded by React.

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