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uCrop - Image Cropping Library for Android

  •    Java

Include the library as local library project. The uCrop configuration is created using the builder pattern.

Leptonica - An open source C library for efficient image processing and image analysis operations

  •    C

Leptonica Library supports many operations that are useful on Document images, Natural images. It supports fundamental image processing operations like scaling, translation, rotation, shear, Binary and grayscale morphology, blending and lot more.

Rotatable - Helper class to make any view rotatable

  •    Java

This is a helper class actually, it simplifies having a view as rotatable by setting touch events and handling a lot of boilerplate works! So if you need a component that needs to be able to rotate by touch, you do not have to deal with all these stuff. You can apply this rotatable class to any view in your xml, just need to pass the required view into Rotatable builder and configure up to your needs.


  •    JQuery

jQuery plugin switches the images while you are holding a mouse cursor on the element.

canvas-orbit-camera - An alternative wrapper for orbit-camera that works independently of game-shell

  •    Javascript

An alternative wrapper for orbit-camera that works independently of game-shell.Based heavily on game-shell-orbit-camera.

css-mat4 - makes a mat4 from translation, rotation, scale, skew

  •    Javascript

Build a 4x4 matrix from 3D rotation, translation, scale and 2D skew according to the CSS3 transforms spec.Composes a matrix from the given components, storing the result in out and returning it. If opt is not specified, an identity matrix is returned.

dom-css-transform - transforms a DOM element by string, matrix or components

  •    Javascript

Applies a CSS transform to a DOM element's style, accepting a string, array matrix, or discrete components to be recomposed according to CSS3 transform spec. Also handles vendor prefixing.MIT, see LICENSE.md for details.

d3-inertia - Dragging stuff with inertia

  •    Javascript

An extension to d3-drag that continues the mouse movement with some inertia (by default, 5 seconds). The inertia object exposes a position and a velocity, that correspond to the mouse coordinates relative to the target of the d3.drag method. During the drag gesture, the position just follows the mouse, and the velocity accumulates the movement. When the drag gesture ends, the render() method is called repeatedly with a tweening argument t that goes from 0 to 1. It is up to you to know what to do with these vectors.

python-rotate-backups - Simple command line interface for backup rotation

  •    Python

Backups are good for you. Most people learn this the hard way (including me). Nowadays my Linux laptop automatically creates a full system snapshot every four hours by pushing changed files to an rsync daemon running on the server in my home network and creating a snapshot afterwards using the cp -al command (the article Easy Automated Snapshot-Style Backups with Linux and Rsync explains the basic technique). The server has a second disk attached which asynchronously copies from the main disk so that a single disk failure doesn't wipe all of my backups (the "time delayed replication" aspect has also proven to be very useful). Okay, cool, now I have backups of everything, up to date and going back in time! But I'm running through disk space like crazy... A proper deduplicating filesystem would be awesome but I'm running crappy consumer grade hardware and e.g. ZFS has not been a good experience in the past. So I'm going to have to delete backups...

camera-2d - Camera controls for 2D scrolling, rotation and zooming

  •    Javascript

A simple 2D camera suited for games and visualizations. Width and height of the camera viewport, in units.

handeye_calib_camodocal - Easy to use and accurate hand eye calibration which has been working reliably for years (2016-present) with kinect, kinectv2, rgbd cameras, optical trackers, and several robots including the ur5 and kuka iiwa

  •    C++

This is a ROS node integrating the Hand Eye Calibration implemented in CamOdoCal. See this stack exchange question explaining how Hand Eye Calibration works. keynote presentation explaining many details about hand eye calibration for those that are interested. Practical code and instructions to calibrate your robot can be found below.

winston-filerotatedate - File logger with rotation of log files using the current date + (a-z)

  •    Javascript

File transport for winston that allows the log files to be rotated depending on size and time. The File transport accepts a filename via the 'filename' option and uses that file as the primary logging target. Should the file grow past 'maxsize' bytes then the current log file is renamed and a new primary log tile is created. The name of the renamed log file is formated as such 'basenameYYYYMMDD[a-z].bak'.

versor - a home for Mike Bostock's versor.js

  •    Javascript

Rotate the globe with the mouse. The naïve method uses mouse.x and mouse.y as proxies for longitude and latitude. It works when the rotation is small, but try to put the globe "upside-down" and suddenly moving the mouse to the left rotates the globe to the right, and vice versa.

transformist - simple transformations in the plane

  •    Javascript

Simple transformations in the plane. A transform in two dimensions is defined here as a translation, a rotation, and a scaling. This module lets you specify this kind of transform and apply it, or its inverse, to one or more points. Methods are also provided for composing transforms and exporting as a matrix. This is essentially wrapping mat3 transforms, but with an API that might seem friendlier. Useful for 2D games and graphics. Apply transformation to one or more points of the form [[x, y], [x, y]...] or [x, y]. Applies in order: scale, rotation, translation.

rotatewriter - Writter for internal golang log library or for rs/zerolog which has normal smooth nonblocking rotate

  •    Go

This is log writer to support rotation. You can use RotateWriter as standard golang log writer or use as zerolog writer.

rotate - A small command-line utility to rotate files or directories

  •    Go

A small command-line utility to rotate a file or directory. Follows a specified schedule passed as a commandline argument and purges old rotations.

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