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PackageDevelopment - Task View: PackageDevelopment

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Do not edit this README by hand. See CONTRIBUTING.md.Packages provide a mechanism for loading optional code, data, and documentation as needed. At the very minimum only a text editor and an R installation are needed for package creation. Nonetheless many useful tools and R packages themselves have been provided to ease or improve package development. This Task View focuses on these tools/R packages, grouped by topics.

webchem - Chemical Information from the Web

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webchem is a R package to retrieve chemical information from the web. This package interacts with a suite of web APIs to retrieve chemical information.The functions in the package that hit a specific API have a prefix and suffix separated by an underscore (prefix_suffix()) They follow the format of source_functionality, e.g.cs_compinfo uses ChemSpider to retrieve compound informations.

taxonomy - taxonomy R packages

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This article is about taxonomy in R. If you have any comments or suggestions for additions or improvements for this article submit an issue, or make some changes and submit a pull request. If you have an issue with one of the packages discussed below, please contact the maintainer of that package.

ghrecipes - Provides some helper functions for using GitHub V4 API

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Don’t miss conversations by your favorite developers or comments by your favorite styling bot. In that function, only the latest results are returned, and an issue can be a PR. “hrbrpkgs: list Bob Rudis’ packages” by Maëlle Salmon.

drake-manual - The user manual for the drake R package

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This is the development repository of the drake R package user manual, hosted here. Please feel free to discuss on the issue tracker and submit pull requests to add new examples and update old ones. The environment for collaboration should be friendly, inclusive, respectful, and safe for everyone, so all participants must obey this repository's code of conduct.