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ChangeDetection - Automatically track websites changes on Android in background.

  •    Kotlin

This app also showcases all the Android Architecture Components working together: Room, ViewModels, LiveData, Paging, WorkManager and Navigation. The app uses a Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture for the presentation layer. Each of the fragments corresponds to a MVVM View. The View and ViewModel communicate using LiveData and general good principles.

KotlinRoomDbExample - Basic ToDo App using Room database and RxJava in Kotlin.

  •    Kotlin

Basic ToDo App using Room Database(Room persistence library) and RxJava in Kotlin. I welcome and encourage all pull requests to learn something new.

ConductorMVP - Multi-project Clean Architecture MVP app in Kotlin using Conductor, Room, RxJava 2, Dagger 2 with custom scopes

  •    Kotlin

The source code in this repo accompanies my article Creating Clean Architecture Multi-Project MVP App. Here you will find a multi-project single Activity TODO app using Conductor implementing MVP pattern (each Controller is a View).

PagingRoom - Demonstrates various ways of using Paging library with Room (LiveData, RxJava, custom datasource)

  •    Kotlin

This project contains a sample of using the Paging Library Architecture Component by way of a simple Notes app--no domain knowledge needed to understand the purpose of this app. The app follows Clean Architecture Principles to make it cleaner, more readable and maintainable.

Android-AudioRecorder-App - Android application to record audio. RxJava2, Dagger2, MVP, RoomDb.

  •    Java

This project is more of a sample app to demonstrate use of Dagger, RxJava, MVC pattern etc. Due to time constraints i'm not able to accept and work on bugs anymore. Application to record audio and save it locally in the device. The application also visualizes the audio in wave format. It also supports recording in the background while you can continue using the device for other tasks.

MovieMania - An Android app to view details about the top rated and new movies

  •    Java

This is an App made for Udacity Android Nanodegree Project 2. Its an Android app to browse the Top Rated and Popular Movies. We can also save our favorite movies and access them offline without internet. This app uses an API provided by https://www.themoviedb.org/. It is made with latest Android Architecture Components like LiveData, ViewModel and Room. It uses Retrofit for Network Calls and uses Databinding for binding various data. All the layouts are designed using Constraint Layout. The app uses themoviedb.org API to get movie information and posters. You must provide your own API key in order to build the app.

android-room-example - Android Kotlin app showcasing the Room persistence library

  •    Kotlin

Basic app for showcasing the use of the ROOM Room Persistence Library on Android using Kotlin as main language. This app is only for educational purposes.

RoomDb-Sample - A simple notes app to demo Room + LiveData implementation in Android

  •    Java

Note: The reason why annotation processor is needed is because all operations like Insert, Delete, Update etc are annotated.

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