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Roleplay-Functional RunUO


Roleplay RunUO is a fork of the popular Ultima Online Emulation, it focuses primarily on Roleplay shards. This release is intended to include everything needed to run a roleplay shard from scratch, including: A fully operational Race System A fully operational Alignment...

roleplaygateway - source code for roleplaygateway.com

  •    PHP

styles/RolePlayGateway/template contains most of the "templates" for pages. We're using PHPUnit to test our existing infrastructure as we prepare for migration to Fabric. Following the Maki Philosophy, we will use a REST API to formally define a list of Resources and their expected behavior. From this point, we will use TDD to finalize a 1.0 version of RPG, then begin writing migration scripts for Fabric.

hacking-games-with-verbs - Whether it is running or collecting, shooting or trading, games are driven by verbs


Whether it is running or collecting, shooting or trading, games are driven by verbs. In this workshop we pick out the verbs that make up a game and explore how these verbs express certain messages and values. Then we hack the game with new verbs, so that it communicates our own messages and values. I forked this workshop recipe from this one, prepared by Paolo Pedercini + Una Lee and inspired by Grow-a-Game.

opencollar - The Open Source Role Play Device for the Metaverse.

  •    LSL

OpenCollar Six is a set of LSL scripts and other creative content, such as animations, sounds, textures, graphics and 3D models, which can be used to create role play devices in the form of scripted accessory and/or so-called HUDs. Punk, goth and fetish collars would be the most popular of those and OpenCollar eventually became everyone's script set of choice to create items that are used for creative role play amongst adults in Second Life®.

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