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tgstation - the /tg/station branch of SS13

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Once that's done, open up the config folder. You'll want to edit config.txt to set the probabilities for different gamemodes in Secret and to set your server location so that all your players don't get disconnected at the end of each round. It's recommended you don't turn on the gamemodes with probability 0, except Extended, as they have various issues and aren't currently being tested, so they may have unknown and bizarre bugs. Extended is essentially no mode, and isn't in the Secret rotation by default as it's just not very fun.

roleplaygateway - source code for roleplaygateway.com

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styles/RolePlayGateway/template contains most of the "templates" for pages. We're using PHPUnit to test our existing infrastructure as we prepare for migration to Fabric. Following the Maki Philosophy, we will use a REST API to formally define a list of Resources and their expected behavior. From this point, we will use TDD to finalize a 1.0 version of RPG, then begin writing migration scripts for Fabric.

DSA-LaTeX - LaTeX-Klasse und Dokumente für Das Schwarze Auge

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LaTeX-Klasse für die Erstellung von Dokumenten für „Das Schwarze Auge“. Das Aktuelle Release kann auf orkenspalter.de heruntergeladen werden.

Aurora.3 - The code for Aurorastation's new base, forked from Baystation12.

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Aurorastation is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3, which can be found in full in LICENSE. Commits with a git authorship date prior to 1420675200 +0000 (2015/01/08 00:00) are licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3, which can be found in full in LICENSE-GPL3.txt.