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rot.js - ROguelike Toolkit

  •    Javascript

ROguelike Toolkit in JavaScript. For more info, see http://ondras.github.com/rot.js.

bracket-lib - The Roguelike Toolkit (RLTK), implemented for Rust.

  •    Rust

This is RLTK, renamed because it is increasingly finding usage outside of just Roguelikes. It's also been divided into a number of crates, to make it easy to pick-and-choose the features you need.

Visual .NET RogueLike


A basic roguelike hacked out in Visual .NET. I'm unsure where I want to go with the project, so I'm just putting it out there for now.

XNA RogueLike


The XNA Roguelike project is an attempt to develop a roguelike in C# using the Microsoft XNA framework.

RPG Roguelike Engine for .Net

  •    CSharp

This is a release of a library that I am creating for use in a "Roguelike" role playing game that I am writing in C#. I am releasing to the community because I feel that it can be useful to other "Roguelike" RPG developers.


  •    CSharp

RRRSRoguelike is a simple roguelike game designed to introduce developers to developing roguelikes and also to show how easy and enjoyable they are to build.



Acies is a dungeon crawler game done with C# and XNA.

Nate's Roguelike Game

  •    CSharp

Nate's Rogue-like Game is a console-style rogue-like, inspired by Nethack, ADOM, and D&D, and developed in C#.

Random Dungeon Generator


The Random Dungeon Generator Project is an implementation of the algorithm found at http://www.aarg.net/~minam/dungeon_design.html. The source for this project is based on a set of articles published on my blog at http://dirkkok.wordpress.com. I will add source code releases as

LambdaHack - Haskell game engine library for roguelike dungeon crawlers; try out the browser version at

  •    Haskell

As an example of the engine's capabilities, here is a showcase of shooting down explosive projectiles. A couple were shot down close enough to enemies to harm them. Others exploded closer to our party members and took out of the air the projectiles that would otherwise harm them. This was a semi-automatic stealthy speedrun of the escape scenario of the sample game that comes with the engine. Small fixed font. The enemy gang has a huge numerical and equipment superiority. Our team loots the area on auto-pilot until the first foe is spotted. Then they scout out enemy positions. Then hero 1 draws enemies and unfortunately enemy fire as well, which is when he valiantly shoots down explosives to avoid the worst damage. Then heroine 2 sneaks behind enemy lines to reach the remaining treasure. That accomplished, the captain signals retreat and leaves for the next area (the zoo).

Roguathia - A small roguelike.

  •    Javascript

A small roguelike.

haskellRogueLike - Code for Haskell roguelike blog posts

  •    Haskell

There are 20 sub-projects each corresponding to one of the blog sub-posts/chapters. The code has the annotations for my Hakyl include compiler. The source.zip archive has the source without the annotations, this is created/updated when the makefile or mkDiff.sh is run.

xibalba - A Mayan roguelike

  •    Java

Your goal is to make it to the bottom of Xibalba, kill the 10 Lords of Xibalba, resurrect your family member, and take them back to the world of the living. To do this, you must progress from the jungle to the caves, and from the caves to the dungeons of Xibalba. During character creation you can choose a god to pledge to, obeying their requirements during your attempt will grant you access to their abilities. Going against them, though, will have extreme consequences.

sleeping-beauty - 7DRL 2017

  •    Javascript

This is a 7DRL game. To play it, just open https://ondras.github.io/sleeping-beauty/ in your browser. HTML, CSS (LESS), JavaScript (ES2015).

Dgen - A pseudo-random dungeon generator

  •    Python

Dgen is a prototype of a pseudorandom dungeon generator. The algorithm used within the generator is min-conflicts with some procedural tweaks. The prototype comes with a simple GUI for creating and saving maps in postscript format. Example images and screenshots can be found in the assets folder. There are examples of ASCII based maps and graphical based maps using Tkinter.

OmegaRPG - A C++ port of the roguelike game Omega

  •    C++

Tools for building the game are located in the build directory. The Makefile is located in build/unix. Running make in that directory will build everything.

rltiles - GitHub clone of RL Tiles (graphical tileset for Roguelike games) + JSON metadata + selector

  •    C

View the interactive tileset explorer here and then check out rltiles-2d.json and rltiles-2d.png. The .txt files seemed simple enough, and I couldn't figure out tools in tools/, so I wrote a small tool to do what I want.

space-privateers - Simple roguelike set in space

  •    Haskell

Space Privateers is a adventure game set in far future. Player plays a space privateer who has recently docked with a merchant city vessel and plans to plunder some of the loot before escaping. The task will not be easy and there are many dangers awaiting in the deep corridors and rooms of the city vessel. Currently only Linux 32-bit binaries are provided at [Bintray] 1. But it is possible to fetch package from [Hackage] 2 and build it manually.

rogue_demo - A simple build of a roguelike in JS

  •    HTML

A simple build of a roguelike in JS, to go with a reddit tutorial. May turn this into a proper site tutorial later; uncertain.

mapgen - map generator stuff

  •    Java

The code was experimental and moved around a lot and I can't attest to the current state of it. It will compile but some things like shaders may not be enabled.

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