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tvm - bring deep learning workloads to bare metal

  •    C++

TVM is a Tensor intermediate representation(IR) stack for deep learning systems. It is designed to close the gap between the productivity-focused deep learning frameworks, and the performance- and efficiency-focused hardware backends. TVM works with deep learning frameworks to provide end to end compilation to different backends. Checkout our announcement for more details.© Contributors, 2017. Licensed under an Apache-2.0 license.

nnvm - Bring deep learning to bare metal

  •    C++

The following code snippet demonstrates the general workflow of nnvm compiler.Licensed under an Apache-2.0 license.

ROCm-docker - Dockerfiles for the various software layers defined in the Radeon Open Compute Platform

  •    Shell

This repository contains a framework for building the software layers defined in the Radeon Open Compute Platform into portable docker images. The following are docker dependencies, which should be installed on the target machine. Looking for an easy start with ROCm + Docker? The rocm/rocm-terminal image is hosted on Docker Hub. After the ROCm kernel is installed, pull the image from Docker Hub and create a new instance of a container.