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webots - Webots Robot Simulator

  •    C++

Webots is an open-source robot simulator released under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license. It provides a complete development environment to model, program and simulate robots, vehicles and biomechanical systems. You can download pre-compiled binaries for Windows, macOS and Linux of the latest release, as well as older releases and nightly builds.

gazebo - Open source robotics simulator.

  •    C++

This is the Gazebo simulator. Gazebo simulates multiple robots in a 3D environment, with extensive dynamic interaction between objects. BUILD_TESTING (bool) [default False] Include the test suite compilation in the default make call (make all).

iGibson - A Simulation Environment to train Robots in Large Realistic Interactive Scenes

  •    C

iGibson is a simulation environment providing fast visual rendering and physics simulation based on Bullet. iGibson is equipped with fifteen fully interactive high quality scenes, hundreds of large 3D scenes reconstructed from real homes and offices, and compatibility with datasets like CubiCasa5K and 3D-Front, providing 8000+ additional interactive scenes. Some of the features of iGibson include domain randomization, integration with motion planners and easy-to-use tools to collect human demonstrations. With these scenes and features, iGibson allows researchers to train and evaluate robotic agents that use visual signals to solve navigation and manipulation tasks such as opening doors, picking up and placing objects, or searching in cabinets. [12/1/2020] Major update to iGibson to reach iGibson v1.0, for details please refer to our arxiv preprint.

synthesis - Synthesis is a robot simulator which exports a CAD model into a physics environment

  •    CSharp

Developed solely by FIRST students, Synthesis is built with a direct focus on the FIRST community. We've also made the project completely open source in order to better involve the community. This way contributors can help make Synthesis better or modify Synthesis to better suit their team’s needs. Synthesis is comprised of 4 separate components that are mostly developed independently of each other. You will want to clone the entire repository first, then follow a different set of steps depending on which component you wish to work on. The links below will lead you to specific instructions that will get you a copy of that component up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes.

community-projects - Webots projects (PROTO files, controllers, simulation worlds, etc


This repo contains Webots projects (PROTO files, controllers, simulation worlds, etc.) contributed by the community. The simplest solution to use all the content of this repository is to use the Webots 'Extra projects path' from the Webots Preferences. Some executables may need to be compiled.

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