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cordova-plugin-nativeaudio - The low latency audio plugin is designed to enable low latency and polyphonic audio from Cordova/PhoneGap applications, using a very simple and basic API

  •    Objective-C

Cordova / PhoneGap 3.5+ extension for Native Audio playback, aimed at HTML5 gaming and audio applications which require minimum latency, polyphony and concurrency. This Cordova / PhoneGap (3.5+) plugin enables concurrency (multi-channel playback), polyphony (multi-voice playback) and minimized latency (via caching) in audio-based applications, by leveraging native audio APIs. Designed for the use in HTML5-based cross-platform games and mobile/hybrid audio applications.


  •    Javascript

First, make sure Android SDK (for android) or Xcode (for iOS) is installed.

cordova-facebook-audnet-sdk - Facebook AudienceNetwork SDK for Cordova

  •    Objective-C

This cordova plugin add the Facebook SDK to cordova project. Usually it's used as dependency of other plugins.

cordova-plugin-facebookads - Cordova/PhoneGap plugin for Facebook Audience Network Ads

  •    Objective-C

You can even embed the Ad into web content with Native Ad. The APIs, Events and Options are detailed documented.

cordova-plugin-flurry - Cordova plugin to support Flurry (analytics and advertisement)

  •    Objective-C

Present Flurry Ads in Mobile App/Games natively with single line of JavaScript. The APIs, Events and Options are detailed documented.

cordova-plugin-mmedia - Cordova/PhoneGap for Millennial Media Ad

  •    Objective-C

Cordova plugin for MillennialMedia Ads, support Banner, Interstitial and Video Ad

cordova-plugin-mopub - Cordova/PhoneGap plugin for MoPub Ads

  •    Objective-C

Present MoPub Ads in Mobile App/Games natively from JavaScript.

cordova-plugin-sms - Plugin to operate SMS, send / list / intercept / delete / restore

  •    Java

Plugin to operate SMS, send / list / intercept / delete / restore. Check the Example Code in test/index.html.

ipa-deploy - Deploy .IPA package to iOS device with a NodeJs CLI

  •    Javascript

A simple tool created by Raymond Xie, to install IPA package with command line. Any comments are welcome.

protogen - CLI tool to parse protobuf

  •    XSLT

CLI tool to parse protobuf .proto file to C#, based on protobuf-net, also works on Windows/Mac/Linux. protogen.exe, a CLI comes with protobuf-net project, can parse .proto to C#, but it works on Windows only.

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