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Ta4j - Technical Analysis for Java

  •    Java

Ta4j is an open source Java library for technical analysis. It provides the basic components for creation, evaluation and execution of trading strategies. It is a powerful engine for building custom trading strategies. It supports more than 130 technical indicators (Aroon, ATR, moving averages, parabolic SAR, RSI, etc.).

css-ripple-effect - Pure CSS (no JavaScript) implementation of Android Material design "ripple" animation

  •    CSS

Main advantage of this solution is that there is no DOM manipulation in order to create animation. That means this is faster - it doesn't use JavaScript or jQuery to animate. This solution is also implemented in one of the biggest Bootstrap theming libraries Bootswatch in their Materia theme.

PulseView - Widget that generates pulsation relative to your icons. Tinder search like.

  •    Java

Widget that generates pulsation relative to your icons. You can check the sample app here.

ripple-blobvault - Server for storing persistent data for Ripple clients

  •    Javascript

Welcome to the Blobvault v1 API. This API provides access to the Ripple Blobvaut.

ripple-dev-portal - Ripple developer portal with documentation and examples

  •    CSS

The Ripple Developer Portal is the authoritative source for Ripple documentation, including the rippled server, RippleAPI, the Ripple Data API, and other Ripple open-source software.The HTML pages in this portal are generated from the markdown files in the content/ folder. Always edit the markdown files, not the HTML files. The assets/ folder contains static files used by the site's templates. The img folder contains images used in the docs.

ripple-domain-verifier - checks domains' ripple.txt and corresponding account root for connection

  •    Javascript

checks domains' ripple.txt and corresponding account root for connection

ripple-keypairs - Generates keypairs and addresses for the XRP Ledger using elliptic (JS)

  •    Javascript

An implementation of ripple keypairs & wallet generation using elliptic which supports rfc6979 and eddsa deterministic signatures.Generate a seed that can be used to generate keypairs. Entropy can be provided as an array of bytes expressed as integers in the range 0-255. If provided, it must be at least 16 bytes long. If not provided, entropy will be automatically generated. The "algorithm" defaults to "ecdsa-secp256k1", but can also be set to "ed25519". The result is a seed encoded in base58, starting with "s".

rippled-network-crawler - Crawls all nodes in rippled network

  •    Javascript

This crawls the ripple network, via making requests to the /crawl endpoint of each peer it can connect to, starting from an entry point. Some peers may know, and publish (perhaps errantly .. ), the ip associated with a peer, while others don't. We merge the points of view of each peer, collecting a dict of data, keyed by ip address.This maps out the connections between all rippled servers (not necessarily UNLS) who (for the most part) don't even participate in Consensus or at least don't have any say in influencing the outcome of a transaction on mainnet.

incubator-ripple - Mirror of Apache Ripple

  •    Javascript

A browser based, platform agnostic mobile application development and testing tool.If you plan to dive into the source, be sure to check out the HACKING file.

ripple-vault-client - A javascript / http client to interact with Ripple Vault servers.

  •    Javascript

A javascript / http client to interact with Ripple Vault servers.

awesome-ripple - A curated list of Ripple resources


A curated list of Ripple resources. Pull requests are more then welcome.

coinone - Wrapping Ruby Code From Coinone API

  •    Ruby

Coinone Gem is Ruby Language porting from Coinone API, and only support V2.

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