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viron - ☕️ Automated Design-based Management Console.

  •    Javascript

Detailed changes for each release are documented in the release notes. CA Mobile, Inc. All rights reserved.

bosket - Collection of tree view components for front-end frameworks. :deciduous_tree:

  •    Javascript

Bosket is a library of tree views implementations for front-end reactive frameworks. Tree views, which are basically an elegant way to display nested lists, are very versatile and can for example be used as file explorers, menus, table of contents or category lists.

LoLHQ - Personal League of Legends Assistant


LoLHQ - Personal League of Legends Assistant Check detailed ELO ratings and statistics of your teammates. Personalize counter-pick lists, view Champions details

examples - Demos and examples for Riot and submodules

  •    HTML

This is a series of examples designed to showcase the benefits of adopting Riot. It is made possible by the Riot open source community.Note: These examples are basically tested on the latest version of Riot. Check the older examples here for v2.

riot - Go Open Source, Distributed, Simple and efficient Search Engine

  •    Go

Supporting riot, buy me a coffee.Riot is primarily distributed under the terms of the Apache License (Version 2.0), base on wukong.

animore - Riot tags animations hooks

  •    Javascript

Riot tags animations middleware

babel-preset-es2015-riot - The default riot babel preset

  •    Javascript

The default riot babel preset

cli - Riot command line tool

  •    Javascript

Riot command line utility

compiler - Riot compiler

  •    Javascript

Compiler for riot .tag files

observable - Simple script to send and receive events

  •    Javascript

Simple script to send and receive events

rollup-plugin-riot - Rollup Plugin for Riot

  •    Javascript

Rollup plugin for Riot.js

route - Simple client-side router

  •    Javascript

Simple isomorphic router

tag-loader - Riot official webpack loader

  •    Javascript

Riot official webpack loader

tmpl - Riot template engine

  •    Javascript

The riot template engine

matrix-dimension - An alternative integrations manager for Riot

  •    Javascript

Dimension supports some bridges and bots, however using Dimension in a production scenario is not recommended. Dimension uses features available in recent builds of Riot and may not work on older versions. There are plans on the matrix.org front to better support integration managers. Those changes may require an updated homeserver and Riot when made available.

hot-reload - Riot hot reload API

  •    Javascript

Api that will extend riot making your tags hot reloadable.

riot-todo - Didactic Flux-like ES6 Todo app written using Riot.

  •    Javascript

The app is a port of my Flux Backbone Todos Example and I wrote it to learn and evaluate Riot. Apart from that the application functionality and architecture is the same.

tag-loader - Riot tag file loader for Webpack

  •    Javascript

Webpack can use this loader to automatically compile Riot tag files. Inspired by this GitHub Gist. See also the Webpack loader documentation.

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