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compojure - A concise routing library for Ring/Clojure

  •    Clojure

Compojure is a small routing library for Ring that allows web applications to be composed of small, independent parts. Also refer to the Getting Started page on the wiki.

ring - Clojure HTTP server abstraction

  •    Clojure

Ring is a Clojure web applications library inspired by Python's WSGI and Ruby's Rack. By abstracting the details of HTTP into a simple, unified API, Ring allows web applications to be constructed of modular components that can be shared among a variety of applications, web servers, and web frameworks. The SPEC file at the root of this distribution provides a complete description of the Ring interface.

compojure-api - Sweet web apis with Compojure & Swagger

  •    Clojure

Stuff on top of Compojure for making sweet web apis. Latest non-alpha: [metosin/compojure-api "1.1.11"].

MKRingProgressView - ⭕️ Ring progress view similar to Activity app on Apple Watch

  •    Swift

See example Xcode project. It also contains additional classes for convenient grouping of 3 ring progress views replicating Activity app by Apple. MKRingProgressView can be set up in Storyboard. Specify startColor, endColor, ringWidth and optional backgroundRingColor (if not set, defaults to startColor with 15% opacity).

lein-ring - Ring plugin for Leiningen

  •    Clojure

Lein-Ring is a Leiningen plugin that automates common Ring tasks. It provides commands to start a development web server, and to turn a Ring handler into a standard war file.

Ring Controls


new UI components with the ring for windows phone.

cyclist - Cyclist is an efficient circular buffer implemention for Javascript.

  •    Javascript

Cyclist allows you to create a list of fixed size that is cyclic. In a cyclist list the element following the last one is the first one. This property can be really useful when for example trying to order data packets that can arrive out of order over a network stream.

doorbot - Ring.com Doorbell API

  •    Javascript

I built this because of this tweet.I have nothing to do with Ring.com, they just annoyed me with that tweet, so I figured out their api..

ataraxy - A data-driven Ring routing and destructuring library

  •    Clojure

A data-driven routing and destructuring library for Ring. This library is still being developed, so some functionality may change before we hit version 1.0.0. There are several data-driven routing libraries for Ring, such as bidi, Silk and gudu. Ataraxy differs from them because it not only seeks to match a route, it also destructures the incoming request.

clout - HTTP route-matching library for Clojure

  •    Clojure

Clout is a library for matching Ring HTTP requests. It uses the same routing syntax as used by popular Ruby web frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Sinatra. Clout supports both keywords and wildcards. Keywords (like ":title") will match any character but the following: / . , ; ?. Wildcards (*) will match anything.

ring-oauth2 - OAuth 2.0 client middleware for Ring

  •    Clojure

Ring middleware that acts as a OAuth 2.0 client. This is used for authenticating and integrating with third party website, like Twitter, Facebook and GitHub. The middleware function to use is ring.middleware.oauth2/wrap-oauth2. This takes a Ring handler, and a map of profiles as arguments. Each profile has a key to identify it, and a map of options that define how to authorize against a third-party service.

necessary-evil - XML-RPC implemented as Ring HTTP handlers for Clojure

  •    Clojure

I no longer have time to maintain this project in a timely manner and am looking for someone to take over. If you are interested please contact me. necessary-evil is an implementation of XML-RPC built on top of the ring http library for Clojure. XML-RPC is a bit nasty, but it is the basis of a number of other standards such as certain blogging APIs and Ping Back.

ring-codec - Utility library for encoding and decoding data

  •    Clojure

Functions for encoding and decoding data into formats commonly used in web applications. Distributed under the MIT License, the same as Ring.

ring-defaults - A library to provide sensible Ring middleware defaults

  •    Clojure

Knowing what middleware to add to a Ring application, and in what order, can be difficult and prone to error. This library attempts to automate the process, by providing sensible and secure default configurations of Ring middleware for both websites and HTTP APIs.

ring-json - Ring middleware for handling JSON

  •    Clojure

Standard Ring middleware functions for handling JSON requests and responses. The wrap-json-body middleware will parse the body of any request with a JSON content-type into a Clojure data structure, and assign it to the :body key.

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