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json - JSON for Modern C++

  •    C++

Intuitive syntax. In languages such as Python, JSON feels like a first class data type. We used all the operator magic of modern C++ to achieve the same feeling in your code. Check out the examples below and you'll know what I mean.Trivial integration. Our whole code consists of a single header file json.hpp. That's it. No library, no subproject, no dependencies, no complex build system. The class is written in vanilla C++11. All in all, everything should require no adjustment of your compiler flags or project settings.

json-patch-gen - JavaScript library that generates JSON patches (RFC 6902)

  •    Javascript

json-patch-gen is a small, [thoroughly tested] tests library for generating a [JSON Patch] rfc6902 from two JavaScript objects or arrays. This library has no dependencies. It supports generating patches of arbitrarily nested objects and arrays to any depth.

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