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WebSocket-Node - A WebSocket Implementation for Node.JS (Draft -08 through the final RFC 6455)

  •    Javascript

This is a (mostly) pure JavaScript implementation of the WebSocket protocol versions 8 and 13 for Node. There are some example client and server applications that implement various interoperability testing protocols in the "test/scripts" folder. For a WebSocket client written in ActionScript 3, see my AS3WebScocket project.

ws - Tiny WebSocket library for Go.

  •    Go

RFC6455 WebSocket implementation in Go. GoDoc.

SwiftWebSocket - Fast Websockets in Swift for iOS and OSX

  •    Swift

Conforming WebSocket (RFC 6455) client library for iOS and Mac OSX.SwiftWebSocket passes all 521 of the Autobahn's fuzzing tests, including strict UTF-8, and message compression.

Websocket - The Hoa\Websocket library.

  •    PHP

Hoa is a modular, extensible and structured set of PHP libraries. Moreover, Hoa aims at being a bridge between industrial and research worlds. This library allows to manipulate the WebSocket protocol and proposes a server and a client. It supports two specifications RFC6455 and Hybi (at the same time).

gwsocket - fast, standalone, language-agnostic WebSocket server RFC6455 compliant

  •    C

gwsocket is a simple, standalone, language-agnostic, RFC6455 compliant WebSocket Server, written in C. It sits between your application and the client's browser, giving fast bidirectional communication between these two with ease and flexibility. Very simple, just redirect the output from your application (stdout) to a file (named pipe) and let gwsocket transfer the data to the browser — That's it.

websocat - Websocket proxy, socat-style

  •    Rust

Note: Currently SSL-enabled version may be unbuildable on systems with newer libssl because of hard reliance on old versions of dependencies. Wait for websockat 1.0.0 with async and updated deps. Pre-built binaries for Linux (usual and musl), Windows, OS X and Android (ARM) are available on the releases page. Most are built without SSL support, so can't connect to secure wss:// websockets, only ws://.

SocketWrench - A tool to use Web Sockets

  •    Javascript

SocketWrench is a light wrapper around native WebSockets that provides a slightly sexier api and a little more convinience. Make sure you check if Websockets are supported.

deno-websocket - 🦕 A simple WebSocket library like ws of node.js library for deno

  •    TypeScript

This library is wrapping the ws standard library as a server-side and the native WebSocket API as a client-side. You can receive callbacks at the EventEmitter and can use the same object format on both the server-side and the client-side.

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