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rfcs - RFCs for changes to Rust


Many changes, including bug fixes and documentation improvements can be implemented and reviewed via the normal GitHub pull request workflow.Some changes though are "substantial", and we ask that these be put through a bit of a design process and produce a consensus among the Rust community and the sub-teams.

rrule - JavaScript library for working with recurrence rules for calendar dates.

  •    Javascript

Library for working with recurrence rules for calendar dates.rrule.js supports recurrence rules as defined in the iCalendar RFC, with a few important differences. It is a partial port of the rrule module from the excellent python-dateutil library. On top of that, it supports parsing and serialization of recurrence rules from and to natural language.

7XX-rfc - An RFC for a new series of HTTP status codes covering developer fouls.

  •    Makefile

At Railscamp X it became clear there is a gap in the current HTTP specification. There are many ways for a developer to screw up their implementation, but no code to share the nature of the error with the end user.

know-your-http-well - HTTP headers, media-types, methods, relations and status codes, all summarized and linking to their specification

  •    Emacs

HTTP encodings, headers, media types, methods, relations and status codes, all summarized and linking to their specification. This project is used by HyperREST bin at bin.hyperrest.com .

SnwConnector - A dotnet connector through SAP NetWeaver RFC library

  •    CSharp

Wrap Sap NetWeaver RFC dll library to comunicate with the Sap RFC infrastructure.

UUID.js - RFC-compliant UUID Generator for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

UUID.js is a JavaScript/ECMAScript library to generate RFC 4122 compliant Universally Unique IDentifiers (UUIDs). This library supports both version 4 UUIDs (UUIDs from random numbers) and version 1 UUIDs (time-based UUIDs), and provides an object-oriented interface to print a generated or parsed UUID in a variety of forms. Download src/uuid.js or call npm install uuidjs.

net-EmailAddress - Multiple implementations on email address validation.

  •    CSharp

MSDN, Reference Source, Phil Haack and JStedfast implementations on email address validation.It's not perfect (and probably no email address validation code will ever be).

http-cache-semantics - RFC 7234 in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

CachePolicy tells when responses can be reused from a cache, taking into account HTTP RFC 7234 rules for user agents and shared caches. It's aware of many tricky details such as the Vary header, proxy revalidation, and authenticated responses.Cacheability of an HTTP response depends on how it was requested, so both request and response are required to create the policy.

fslang-design - RFCs and docs related to the F# language design process, see https://github


RFCs and docs related to the F# language design process.Use F# Language Suggestions to submit ideas, vote on them and discuss them.

cacheable-request - Wrap native HTTP requests with RFC compliant cache support

  •    Javascript

RFC 7234 compliant HTTP caching for native Node.js HTTP/HTTPS requests. Caching works out of the box in memory or is easily pluggable with a wide range of storage adapters.Note: This is a low level wrapper around the core HTTP modules, it's not a high level request library.

rfc - :page_facing_up: Read RFCs from the command-line

  •    Shell

rfc is a little tool written in Bash to read RFCs from the command-line. It fetches RFCs and drafts from the Web and caches them locally. Use rfc help to see all available subcommands.

locale2 - 💪 Try as hard as possible to detect the client's language tag ("locale") in node or the browser

  •    Javascript

A language tag is composed from a sequence of one or more "subtags", each of which refines or narrows the range of language identified by the overall tag. Subtags, in turn, are a sequence of alphanumeric characters (letters and digits), distinguished and separated from other subtags in a tag by a hyphen ("-", [Unicode] U+002D).

I-D - My Internet-Drafts

  •    HTML

These are some of the Internet-Drafts I've authored or contributed to. The top-level directory contains works in progress; "Abandoned" contains drafts I'm no longer pursuing. "Published" contains those that made it into an RFC, in one manner or another.

ics.js - JS implementation of RFC 5545 (iCalendar).

  •    Javascript

Pure JavaScript implementation of RFC 5545 (iCalendar). Project Status : Paused. I may work on it later but I don't have the time for now.

rfc - IETF RFC reader tool

  •    Javascript

Sync RFC Index file to a local file (RFC_CACHE_INDEX) in a directory defined by the environment variable RFC_CACHE.

rfc6902-json-diff-js - Javascript implementation of JSON diff according to RFC6902

  •    Javascript

Diff two JS objects and receive an RFC6902 JSON patch. The current implementation only uses the add, remove and replace operation. Usage of move and copy can and may be added later and I am always open for pull requests, but they are not needed to generate patches for every possible modification. Your patches will just be a bit bigger than they would be with move and copy.



See the open issues for more details.

i-d-template - A template for IETF internet draft git repositories

  •    Makefile

The contents of this repository can be used to get started with a new internet draft. This tool provides many features.

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