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tuf - A framework for securing software update systems

  •    Python

The Update Framework (TUF) helps developers maintain the security of a software update system, even against attackers that compromise the repository or signing keys. TUF provides a flexible framework and specification that developers can adopt into any software update system. TUF is hosted by the Linux Foundation as part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and is used in production by companies such as Docker, DigitalOcean, Flynn, LEAP, Kolide, Cloudflare, and VMware. A variant of TUF called Uptane is widely used to secure over-the-air updates in automobiles.

python-tuf - Python reference implementation of The Update Framework (TUF)

  •    Python

This repository is the reference implementation of The Update Framework (TUF). It is written in Python and intended to conform to version 1.0 of the TUF specification. The reference implementation strives to be a readable guide and demonstration for those working on implementing TUF in their own languages, environments, or update systems.

crlite - WebPKI-level Certificate Revocation via Multi-Level Bloom Filter Cascade

  •    Go

CRLite uses a Bloom filter cascade and whole-ecosystem analysis of the Web PKI to push the entire web’s TLS revocation information to Firefox clients, replacing OCSP for most browser TLS connections, speeding up connection time while continuing to support PKI revocations. The system was originally proposed at IEEE S&P 2017. For details about CRLite, Mozilla Security Engineering has a blog post series, and this repository has a FAQ.

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