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laravel-auditing - Record the change log from models in Laravel

  •    PHP

This package will help you understand changes in your Eloquent models, by providing information about possible discrepancies and anomalies that could indicate business concerns or suspect activities. Laravel Auditing allows you to keep a history of model changes by simply using a trait. Retrieving the audited data is straightforward, making it possible to display it in various ways.

gulp-rev-replace - Rewrite occurences of filenames which have been renamed by gulp-rev

  •    Javascript

Pipe through a stream which has both the files you want to be updated, as well as the files which have been renamed. For example, we can use gulp-useref to concatenate assets in an index.html, and then use gulp-rev and gulp-rev-replace to cache-bust them.

gulp-tutorial - Code examples for my Gulp.js tutorial series

  •    Javascript

These are the files for my series Introduction to Gulp.js published on my website stefanimhoff.de. Open gulp/config.js and change settings if needed. Only the rsync settings need to be adjusted. Change the destination to a path on your webserver and change hostname and username.

rev-del - :haircut: Delete old fingerprinted files

  •    Javascript

Delete old, unused fingerprinted files from a revision manifest generated by a module such as gulp-rev. The manifests can be either objects or paths to files. oldManifest defaults to "rev-manifest.json" (which is the default output for gulp-rev), and newManifest has no default; it's assumed that you've got it in memory, so it's more efficient to pass it in as an object.

gulp-rev-append - gulp task to cache-busting files using file hash

  •    Javascript

Any subsequent runs of the gulp-rev-append file will change the output only if the target file(s) declared have been modified. This is because the revision hash is computed using the target file contents. The only requirement is that the dependency to be appended with the hash be declared using ?rev=. The @@hash is not required, and any value will be overriden as the dependency file contents change.

manifest-revision-webpack-plugin - Write out a manifest file containing your versioned webpack chunks and assets

  •    Javascript

What if you could easily format the output of the above file so it worked with existing frameworks such as Ruby on Rails? Sure, no problem buddy. What if you want a custom output format that's not included? Again, no problem. Just pass in a function as the format option and it will get used. This is explained in more detail below in the API section.

grunt-hashres - Hashes your js and css files and rename the <script> and <link> declarations that refer to them in your html/php/etc files

  •    Javascript

Hashes your js and css files and rename the <script> and <link> declarations that refer to them in your html/php/etc files. grunt-hashres, as a general rule, should be run when you're going to release your code. Ideally, you should create a stage folder where you'll copy your html, minified js and css and all your resources. And then, on this clean copy, hash the resource names.

mongoose-versioner - Document versioning plugin for Mongoose

  •    Javascript

This is a Mongoose plugin that, when applied to a model, will provide the ability to create multiple versions of a document and set one of the versions as the active document. All of the document versions are stored in a dynamically created shadow collection and the active document is stored in your originally created collection.

WordPress-Revisional-Metabox - Revisional metaboxes in WordPress made easy.

  •    PHP

Revisional metaboxes in WordPress made easy. WordPress 2.6 introduced post revisions for the editor so that authors could save revisions of their content. While this feature has been great for storing revisions of the built-in post title, content, and excerpt fields, it was not very flexible for use by developers to store other data.

sirix - Sirix facilitates effective and efficient storing and querying of your temporal data through snapshotting and a novel versioning approach called sliding snapshot

  •    Java

Sirix is a temporal storage system effectively and efficiently storing snapshots of time varying (currently semi-structured) data taking full advantage of flash based drives as for instance SSDs. We not only provide several ways of navigating the tree-structure of a single revision, we also support navigation in time. Furthermore we provide a novel storage technique called sliding snapshot to circumvent intermitant full dump snapshots to fast track their in-memory reconstruction and thus we avoiding write peaks and having to read long chains of page fragments/increments/deltas. Sirix uses copy-on-write (COW) as well as an append-only storage making it an ideal candidate for flash based drives while not dropping support for erstwhile disks.

gradle-GitVersioner - generates a project version for the given git project to distinguish between builds


Version numbers are hard. It was easier with SVN where the revision number got increased for every commit. Revision 342 was clearly older than revision 401. This is not possible in git because branching is so common (and that's a good thing). 342 commits could mean multiple commits on different branches. Not even the latest common commit in history is clear. This projects aims to bring the SVN simplicity and more back to git for your gradle (android) project. Just count the commits of the main branch (master or develop in most cases) as the base revision. The commits on the feature branch are counted too, but are shown separately.

scds - Slowly-Changing Dimension Store (prototype)

  •    Go

Note: albeit functional, this is a prototype implementation for solving this problem. There are two interfaces supported, command line and HTTP. They share the same set of operations and work with JSON-encoded data.

repos - Pull down a list of GitHub repos for the given user or org, and save to a local JSON file.

  •    Javascript

Tiny wrapper around github-base for getting publicly available information for a repository, or all of the repositories for one or more users or orgs, from the GitHub API. Please consider following this project's author, Jon Schlinkert, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

gulp-sri - Generate SRI hashes in gulp

  •    Javascript

SubResource Integrity hashes generator for gulp. Code heavily borrowed from gulp-buster. First off, install gulp.

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