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gulp-revert-path - Revert the previous `file.path` change

  •    Javascript

Many plugins change the file.path somehow. Most commonly the file extension. For example gulp-babel changes .jsx extensions to .js since it compiles JSX. Sometimes that's undesirable though. This plugin makes it easy to revert the path change.Number of times to revert the path.

diff-json - A javascript object diff tool

  •    CoffeeScript

A diff tool for javascript objects inspired by https://github.com/eugeneware/changeset. If a key is specified for an embedded array, the diff will be generated based on the objects have same keys.

truffle-assertions - Additional assertions and utilities for testing Ethereum smart contracts with Truffle unit tests

  •    Javascript

This package adds additional assertions that can be used to test Ethereum smart contracts inside Truffle tests. To use this package, import it at the top of the Truffle test file, and use the functions that are documented below.

decoy - jQuery plugin to make decoys for your elements.

  •    Javascript

Decoys for your elements. Ever wished to change an element's properties, style or behavior and then easily restore to what it was before the mess? That's what Decoy enables you to do. You create a decoy, change it however you like, and then, eventually, restore the original.