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Britecharts - Client-side reusable Charting Library based on D3

  •    Javascript

Britecharts is a client-side reusable Charting Library based on D3.js v4 that offers easy and intuitive use of charts and components that can be composed together to create amazing visualizations.Britecharts components have been written in ES2016 with a Test Driven methodology, so they are fully tested, and we are committed to keeping them that way.

bit - Easily share code components between projects with your team.

  •    Javascript

Bit makes it easier to share code and update changes in multiple projects.Seperating concerns provides greater modularity, clear ownerships, shorter learning curves and helps to mitigate development pain.

tanka - Flexible, reusable and concise configuration for Kubernetes

  •    Go

To get started, install Tanka first, and then follow the tutorial. This should get you on track quickly. Please don't ask individual project members or open GitHub issues for support requests. Use one of the above channels so everyone in the community can participate.

Flix - iOS reusable form library in Swift.

  •    Swift

Flix is a flexible iOS framework for creating dynamic forms with UITableView or UICollectionView. Flix focus on combining cells of UICollectionView or UITableView, it don't care about the view layout, business logic. So you can easily build custom form using Flix.

vue-clickaway - Reusable clickaway directive for reusable Vue.js components

  •    Javascript

Sometimes you need to detect clicks outside of the element (to close a modal window or hide a dropdown select). There is no native event for that, and Vue.js does not cover you either. This is why vue-clickaway exists. Please check out the demo before reading further. If you need a version for Vue 1, try vue-clickaway@1.0.

Code Bits - reusable code on NuGet


Set of useful code blocks that can be included in your code through NuGet.

vue-focus - A reusable focus directive for reusable Vue.js components

  •    Javascript

It can be tricky to manage input focus. You always have to fall back to accessing DOM elements and calling .focus or .blur on them. Well not anymore. vue-focus lets you manage focus from the safety of your view model.

p-pipe - Compose promise-returning & async functions into a reusable pipeline

  •    Javascript

The input functions are applied from left to right.You can also specify an array as the first argument instead of multiple function arguments. Mostly only useful if you have to support Node.js 4. With Node.js 6 and above you can just use spread syntax.

tradeshift-ui - Tradeshift UI is a framework-agnostic JavaScript library to help Tradeshift App developers to create cohesive user experiences and to provide reusable UI components

  •    Javascript

Tradeshift UI is a UI library to help you create apps that implement the Tradeshift Design Principles. Check out our documentation site to learn more about how it works and try out live code examples. If you want to know about what the latest version is and what's new, check out our releases page.

ReusableKit - Generic reusables for Cocoa

  •    Swift

Generic reusables for Cocoa. Currently supports UITableView and UICollectionView. It is recommended to define reusable types as a static constants in an enum or a struct.

mapd3 - MapD3 charts library optimized for fast interactivity

  •    Javascript

MapD3 is a D3v4 charts library developed for MapD Immerse. It is in active development, currently at 0.7.0. We will accept PRs and bug reports once we reach 1.0.0. The main component is mapd3.chart, which is a wrapper for a suite of sub-components, like axis, tooltip, marks, labels, etc. The chart type is nothing more than a configuration option (currently line, area, stacked area, bar, stacked bar).

d3rrc - Reusable D3 Charts for React.js

  •    Javascript

d3rrc 1.x.x is designed to work with webpack. It can also be used as a stand alone javascript file (just download the bundle.js file and include it in your project). If you use the bundle.js file know that after version 1.x.x it NO LONGER includes the supported version of React/Addons but still includes D3, and all of the support libraries utilized.

3rs-of-software-architecture - A guide on how to write readable, reusable, and refactorable software

  •    Javascript

After 50+ years of software engineering's existence, we haven't settled on an exact definition of what software architecture is. After all, it is the art in computer science -- persistently evading our most determined of efforts to define it. Even still, it's so vital to the fabric of our industry and applications, that it's impossible to ignore. While this definition and others can bring clarity to the elements that make up architecture, it doesn't give us a mental model to use when developing our applications. This project however, aims to give just that. By looking at 3 particular "ilities" (readability, reusability, and refactorability), we can form a hierarchy of architectural attributes that can give us a framework for thinking about our system's code and architecture. It won't give you an architecture per se, but it will guide you in thinking about what architecture works for your application.

covalent-nightly - Nightly builds of https://github.com/teradata/covalent core module

  •    Javascript

Core Teradata UI Platform for layouts, icons, custom components and themes. This should be added as a dependency for any project that wants to use layouts, icons and themes for Angular Material. The core will have custom components that enforce standards and best practices through built-in design patterns.

covalent-text-editor - Covalent text and markdown editor component for Angular based on SimpleMDE

  •    Javascript

Covalent is a reusable UI platform from Teradata for building web applications with common standards and tooling. It is based on Angular 2 and Material Design. Covalent-Text-Editor is an Angular Component for text and markdown editing based on Covalent and SimpleMDE. The component can run in both Electron and Web Browsers.

vue-cloudinary - A Vue

  •    Javascript

This is a port of the angular-cloudinary library to VueJS. If you need a version for Vue 1, sorry, you'll need to do your own.

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