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XML Schema Documenter

  •    CSharp

XML Schema Documenter is a Sandcastle Help File Builder plug-in that allows you to integrate reference documentation for XML schemas in your help files.

RecordLogon.vbs login script

  •    VBScript

RecordLogon.vbs is a script applied at logon via Group or Local policy. It records specific user and computer information and writes the data to a central repository for retrieval. The tool comes in two parts; the .VBS and the HTA search app.

ConnectCode Software Box Shot Maker

  •    DotNet

ConnectCode Software Box Shot Maker creates realistic images of 3D boxes for your software using three image files. You can adjust the box orientation, box and camera position. Despite being opensource, the tool delivers professional results.

Visual Studio Toolbox Manager


This project is a command-line utility designed for .NET component developers. With it, you can add or remove controls to a toolbox tab inside of Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio 2008, for both desktop and mobile device projects of any kind.

MPF for Projects - Visual Studio 2010


This project contains sample code for creating a new Project System in Visual Studio 2010.

MSBuild Studio


Working with MSBuild files can be a pain sometimes. Sure, you can open them in Visual Studio and get partial IntelliSense and color coding, but a Visual Studio integrated visual designer to help put them together would be much nicer. The designer will consist of a multi-tabb...

Free website starter kits download in asp.net languages - vb and c#

  •    ASPNET

Free website starter kits download in asp.net languages - vb and c#. Download your starter kits here.

WindowsMediaPlayer.NET Plugin Library

  •    CSharp

A .NET 2.0 C# library that allows users to easily write plug-ins for Windows Media Player in .NET (C#). Currently supports Visualisation plugins and provides working samples.

Live Tracker for Windows Mobile


LiveTracker is a Windows mobile app that can be used as a launch point for implementing location-based and fleet tracking mobile applications. Something like the mLOB released from Microsoft, but with specific focus on the GIS area.



Library with helpful extension methods of base class libraries

MOSS Time Off Management


The Time off Management system will provide a single source of truth for any company on the whereabouts of an employee. It will hold information on who is on ho

Configuration Management


This is an application/solution to help you manage configuration settings for different environments in a project. It has primarily been used on BizTalk projects but would be applicable for any .net development project. In the past we have used an xml dictionary based soluti...

Bluetooth Radar

  •    DotNet

Bluetooth Radar is WPF 4.0 application built in Visual Studio 2010 (RTM) and based on 32feet.net shared source library.

Snoop, the WPF Spy Utility

  •    WPF

This is the CodePlex project for Snoop ... the WPF utility by Pete Blois and now maintained by Cory Plotts that allows you to spy/browse the visual tree and change properties ... amongst other things.

Numeric input controls for Windows.Forms

  •    DotNet

A control-library that provides (Windows.Forms) controls to input numerical values. Providing a better user experience over MaskedTextbox when entering numbers.

Asp.net CRM


This CRM is an Enterprise-Class Customer Relationship Management server written in C# for the .NET platform with many advanced features like Companies/Leads/Contacts Manager, Calendaring, Groupware, Email Marketing, Reporting, Orders, Catalogs, etc.

Cropper Plugins

  •    CSharp

A collection of plugins for Cropper, a free .NET screenshot application.

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