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Provenance - An iOS/tvOS Frontend for multiple emulators, currently supporting various Sega, Nintendo, Atari, Sony, NEC, SNK and Bandai systems

  •    C++

See the instructions on the Wiki and follow them to the letter. Any issues raised that clearly demonstrate that the instructions haven't been followed will be closed. The beginning of something's existence; something's origin.

RetroPie-Setup - Shell script to set up a Raspberry Pi/Odroid/PC with RetroArch emulator and various cores

  •    Shell

This script is designed for use on Raspbian on the Rasperry Pi, OSMC on the Vero4K or Ubuntu on the ODroid-C1 or a PC. When you first run the script it may install some additional packages that are needed.

Provenance - iOS & tvOS multi-emulator frontend, supporting various Atari, Bandai, Sega, NEC, Nintendo, SNK and Sony and systems

  •    C++

To get started, please follow the Installation instructions on the wiki. If you run into trouble, check the Frequently Asked Questions and please read up on our Issues Usage first, before posting any new issues.

chocolate-doom - Chocolate Doom is a Doom source port that is minimalist and historically accurate.

  •    C

Chocolate Doom aims to accurately reproduce the original DOS version of Doom and other games based on the Doom engine in a form that can be run on modern computers. Originally, Chocolate Doom was only a Doom source port. The project now includes ports of Heretic and Hexen, and Strife.

bracket-lib - The Roguelike Toolkit (RLTK), implemented for Rust.

  •    Rust

This is RLTK, renamed because it is increasingly finding usage outside of just Roguelikes. It's also been divided into a number of crates, to make it easy to pick-and-choose the features you need.

rustrogueliketutorial - Roguelike Tutorial in Rust - using RLTK

  •    Rust

Welcome to the Roguelike Tutorial - in Rust. This is intended to accompany rltk_rs, my roguelike terminal library for Rust. You can read the ready-formatted version here: https://bfnightly.bracketproductions.com/rustbook/.

RA_1993 - Development content accidentally shipped on a certain early DOS CD-ROM game from 1993

  •    Batchfile

#An Unexpected Surprise In 1993, the game Rebel Assault (v1.2) from LucasArts was released for MS-DOS on CD. It contained a handful of development content that wasn't intended to be shipped, including Deluxe Paint II Enhanced. I'll be writing up more on this, but for now, here is the archive. It is kept here for historical preservation.

DOjS - A DOS JavaScript Canvas with sound

  •    C

Processing is an open-source graphical library and integrated development environment (IDE) / playground built for the electronic arts, new media art, and visual design communities with the purpose of teaching non-programmers the fundamentals of computer programming in a visual context. It also has a p5js compatibility mode where some of the functions of p5js are available and scripts can have a similar structure to Processing sketches.

awesome-one-person-games - :video_game: A curated list of successul games, made (quite) entirely by a lone gamedev


Inspired by the awesome list thing. To the extent possible under law, Roland Yonaba has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work. See LICENSE for details.

sfxr-qt - A sound effect generator

  •    C++

This a QtQuick Controls 2 port of SFXR. SFXR is a sound effect generator created by DrPetter to quickly produce retro-sounding sound effects for games. This project has the same features as the original SFXR, with a more modern user interface and, dare I say, a more modular code base. Meaning DrPetter did all the hard work, I just refactored and plugged a new UI on top of it.

MoonDweller - A text-based adventure. You will definitely die.

  •    Clojure

MOON DWELLER: A text-based adventure in your web browser. You've woken abruptly in a small, silver-walled room with no windows. There is a door to the east. What will you do? The choice is yours...

SwervinMervin - A truly radical homage to 16-bit racing games.

  •    Python

Written in Python over the course of way too much time. Here is a small video of me playing (poorly).

Octo - A Chip8 IDE

  •    Javascript

The --decompile option can be used to send an existing Chip8 binary through Octo's general-purpose decompiler.

The-Great-Escape - Reverse engineering classic ZX Spectrum game "The Great Escape" from a raw binary image

  •    Assembly

This project reverse engineers Denton Designs' classic ZX Spectrum 48K game The Great Escape from a raw binary to a cross-referenced and annotated HTML disassembly, using SkoolKit. The Great Escape is a 1986 isometric 3D prison break game for the 48K ZX Spectrum where you play a POW trying to escape from a nazi prison camp. It's one of the best-regarded Spectrum games and I want to know how the authors managed to pack all that magic into the 48K ZX Spectrum.

The-Great-Escape-in-C - Porting classic ZX Spectrum game "The Great Escape" to C.

  •    C

This is a work in progress C port of “The Great Escape”: the classic isometric 3D game for the 48K Sinclair ZX Spectrum in which you execute a daring escape from a wartime prison camp. Loosely based on the film of the same name, it was created by Denton Designs and published in 1986 by Ocean Software. I reverse engineered the original game from a binary snapshot of the Spectrum version, decoding the graphics, data tables and all of the logic. Originally written in Z80 assembly language, I have translated it into portable C where now builds and runs without an emulator on macOS and Windows. Eventually it could run on mobile platforms and in a web browser.

HuDK - ASM and C open source software development kit for the NEC PC Engine

  •    Assembly

ASM and C open source software development kit for the NEC PC Engine.

pianette - Virtual & GPIO Game Console Controller

  •    Python

A full-fledged retro-engineering of a Playstation 2 Game Pad Controller that asynchronously listens to commands from various sources (GPIO, API, etc ...) and sends Serial commands to an ATMEGA328P acting as a fake SPI Slave for the Console running any configured game. You can find more info on this article we wrote and on the corresponding hacknernews discussion.

MegaDrivePlusPlus - Universal Region mod, 50/60 Hz switch and In-Game-Reset (IGR) for Sega Mega Drive (AKA Genesis)

  •    Arduino

If you are interested in modding your console with MegaDrive++, please head to the wiki. There you will find full instructions about what chip to buy, how to put MegaDrive++ on it and how to install it, with a full wiring guide for a few different Mega Drive/Genesis models that were sold.

OpenC64Cart - Open Hardware 8Kb Cartridge for the Commodore 64


OpenC64Cart is an Open Hardware Cartridge for the Commodore 64. It only supports 8 KB ROM images. A variant that supports 16 KB ROMs is available separately. Such chips can hold up to 8 cartridge images, which can then be selected by jumpers. Other jumpers allow the selection ROM type and of EXROM or GAME mode, achieving compatibility with many different types of ROM, from "simple" games to Ultimax cartridges.

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