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go-grpc-middleware - Golang gRPC Middlewares: interceptor chaining, auth, logging, retries and more.

  •    Go

gRPC Go Middleware: interceptors, helpers, utilities. gRPC Go recently acquired support for Interceptors, i.e. middleware that is executed either on the gRPC Server before the request is passed onto the user's application logic, or on the gRPC client either around the user call. It is a perfect way to implement common patterns: auth, logging, message, validation, retries or monitoring.

heimdall - An enhanced HTTP client for Go

  •    Go

All HTTP methods are exposed as a fluent interface. This package can be used by adding the following import statement to your .go files.

node-graceful-fs - fs with incremental backoff on EMFILE

  •    Javascript

graceful-fs functions as a drop-in replacement for the fs module, making various improvements.The improvements are meant to normalize behavior across different platforms and environments, and to make filesystem access more resilient to errors.

Bree - Best job scheduler for Node.js and JavaScript with cron, dates, ms, later, and human-friendly support

  •    Javascript

Bree is the best job scheduler for Node.js and JavaScript with cron, dates, ms, later, and human-friendly support. It uses worker threads (Node.js) and web workers (browsers) to spawn sandboxed processes, and supports async/await, retries, throttling, concurrency, and cancelable jobs with graceful shutdown.

Heimdall - An enhanced HTTP client for Go

  •    Go

Heimdall is an HTTP client that helps your application make a large number of requests, at scale. With Heimdall, you can use a hystrix-like circuit breaker to control failing requests, Add synchronous in-memory retries to each request, with the option of setting your own retrier strategy, Create clients with different timeouts for every request.

p-retry - Retry a promise-returning or async function

  •    Javascript

It does exponential backoff and supports custom retry strategies for failed operations.Returns a Promise that is fulfilled when calling input returns a fulfilled promise. If calling input returns a rejected promise, input is called again until the max retries are reached, it then rejects with the last rejection reason.

airbud - Retrieving stuff from the web is unreliable

  •    CoffeeScript

Retrieving stuff from the web is unreliable. Airbud adds retries for production, and fixture support for test. Airbud is a wrapper around request with support for for handling JSON, retries with exponential backoff & injecting fixtures. This will save you some boilerplate and allow you to easier test your applications.

intimidate - Node module to upload to s3 with automatic retries and exponential backoff

  •    Javascript

intimidate is a node module to upload files to S3 with support for automatic retry and exponential backoff. It uses the excellent knox library to handle the heavy lifting.

pyfailsafe - Simple failure handling. Failsafe implementation in Python

  •    Python

A Python library for handling failures, heavily inspired by the Java project Failsafe. Pyfailsafe provides mechanisms for dealing with operations that inherently can fail, such as calls to external services. It takes advantage of the Python's coroutines and only supports async operations and Python 3.5.

promised-runnable - Configurable object for performing operation.

  •    TypeScript

Configurable object for performing operation. The source code is available on GitHub where you can also find our issue tracker.

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